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Thank you, Bertha Coombs, for your CNBC story about digital voice assistants in healthcare. Bertha spoke with our partner Libertana and Yvonne, an 82-year-old who's benefiting from our technology, and shared time with us in our Boston office.

“By 2018, 30% of interactions with technology will happen through conversation.” Gartner

Intelligent, voice-powered digital devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and others are transforming how we engage with the digital world. Orbita is leading the way in applying these technologies to healthcare.


Orbita’s products are used by healthcare systems, care management service providers, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare organizations to enable voice-first healthcare applications that improve outcomes, reduce costs, and minimize risks across the continuum of care.

Orbita Voice –  The first enterprise-grade platform for creating and maintaining voice-powered healthcare applications, across both voice and chatbot interfaces

  • Accelerate development and streamline maintenance of voice assistant applications with pre-built templates and intuitive tools designed for non-technical business users
  • Easily integrate with existing systems, processes, and digital channels using flexible APIs and 3rd party integration
  • Reduce risks with a robust, scalable, and secure (HIPAA-compliant) infrastructure
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Orbita Engage – A complete application framework for Voice-First Care Management solutions


  • Engage patients with user experiences that adapt to their needs, including intuitive, intelligent voice assistants based on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to inform, educate, and encourage
  • Empower caregivers with a mobile and Web applications that simplify communication and collaboration and improve care coordination support among family, friends, and other home caregivers.
  • Enable Clinicians with intuitive tools for creating and managing care journeys for large at-risk populations -- with customizability down to individual patients
  • Deliver results with a solution built on the power of Orbita Voice platform
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How does Orbita Voice Work?

Just as every business rushed to develop a website, and then rushed to develop mobile apps, businesses are now rushing to harness the simplest way to engage users: through the power of Voice. Watch this short video to learn more about Orbita Voice.

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