[WEBINAR] The power of voice: Will AI-driven virtual bedside assistants become mainstream?

Join us on Thursday, October 24 at 1pm ET with Orbita CEO Bill Rogers and Nick White, co-creator of DeloitteASSIST and principal in Deloitte’s Smart Healthcare Solutions practice for a great discussion on how conversational AI and virtual health assistants help care facilities improve patient experience and yield radical workflow efficiencies.


Today’s digitally savvy
healthcare organizations
use Orbita

Voice and chatbot-powered virtual assistants provide intuitive, human-like conversational AI experiences throughout the patient journey. Orbita offers the leading healthcare-focused platform for designing and building HIPAA-compliant virtual assistants that engage and support patients.


Improve staff efficiency and productivity
with voice-enabled solutions for care management, digital coaching, clinical trials, customer service, digital marketing and more

Save time and money with streamlined workflows
that leverage conversational interfaces for clinical, consumer, and business processes

Enhance user/patient experience and engagement
by relying on a proven platform to quickly design and deploy secure voice and chatbot applications


Health insurer serving 95 million customers worldwide

Improving member satisfaction by sharing benefit info via “Alexa/Hey Google”; also augmenting call center ops with voice bots

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World-renowned academic medical center/health system

Building brand equity by delivering clinically-vetted content via Amazon Alexa and voice-enabled chatbot on public web site

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Leading pharma, biotech and medical equipment manufacturers

Driving new revenue by voice-enabling digital dashboard access for sales and customer service associates

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Wound care telehealth provider serving millions of patients

Reducing readmissions by lowering infection risk using voice and chatbot powered virtual assistants for e-visits and remote monitoring

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CRO managing thousands of clinical trials for millions of patients over decades

Improving accuracy and timeliness of data capture by delivering hands-free daily surveys and other tools via voice-enabled experiences

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Manufacturer providing respiratory devices for asthma, COPD, CHF

Improving patient experience
and reducing ER/readmission risk by enhancing in-home digital coaching

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Build on best practices

• Readily integrate with existing systems, processes, and digital channels via flexible APIs
• Address complex and comprehensive privacy and security requirements
• Rely on healthcare-specific content templates


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Save time with out-of-the-box functionality

• Reduce risks with Orbita’s scalable, secure infrastructure
• Enable non-technical end users with intuitive, WYSIWYG (and WY “hear” IWYG) tools
• Leverage multi-modal, omnichannel capabilities to “create once, deploy everywhere”

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Improve patient experience with a 24×7 virtual assistant that supports text, touch, and hands-free voice input. Reduce call center volume and increased staff efficiency with a virtual assistant that answers common questions and auto-routes patients to aligned resources and service lines. Improve patient loyalty and brand advocacy by dynamically addressing each consumer’s unique and changing needs.

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Use our voice-driven knowledge engine to help users quickly drill down to meaningful results. Ingest your content into our knowledge graph. Leverage meta-data, taxonomies and more to intelligently connect data and guide users through logical next steps with smart Q&A – all via a voice-in-voice-out interface.

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Rapidly create and iterate conversational dialogues without any coding, much like creating a wireframe for a website or a sketch for a mobile app. Develop positive, engaging, and effective voice experiences in a highly efficient way. Leverage the ability to play and hear the simulated bot experience, add comments and notes for development and modeling.
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Create rich, conversational dialogues using Orbita Flow’s no-code interface with drag-and-drop and visual editing. Accelerate creation of omni-channel voice and chatbot-powered healthcare applications.

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How Does Orbita

Just as every business rushed to develop a website, and then rushed to develop mobile apps, businesses are now rushing to harness the simplest way to engage users: through the power of Voice. Watch this short video to learn more about Orbita.

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