[WEBINAR] Welcome to your next-generation digital front door: virtual health assistants

Join Thomas Neumann of Cleveland Clinic and Kristi Ebong of Orbita for a live webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 1p ET. They’ll discuss best practices and top solutions for helping patients discover your organization through digital marketing and conversational SEO.


Your Digital Front Door

Draw patients in through digital front door, powered by virtual health assistants and conversational AI. OrbitaENGAGE helps patients discover your organization and guides them through healthcare decisions with next-generation marketing, conversational SEO, and virtual triage.


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Your Virtual Bedside Assistant

Meet patients’ needs with a virtual nurse at the bedside that empowers hands-free, patient-provider communication. OrbitaASSIST prioritizes requests and smart-routes them to the right resource. This market-proven solution was created and vetted in close partnership with nurses.


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Today’s digitally savvy
healthcare organizations
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Voice and chatbot-powered virtual assistants provide intuitive, human-like conversational AI experiences throughout the patient journey. Orbita offers the leading healthcare-focused platform for designing and building HIPAA-compliant virtual assistants that engage and support patients.

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