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Conversational AI for healthcare and life sciences

Our secure, HIPAA-compliant virtual assistants mirror human behavior to effectively serve patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers — from appointments to outcomes. Orbita’s conversational AI platform increases efficiency and reduces cost, allowing you to enable real change across your organization. 

Automation with Empathy™

Our virtual assistants provide digital experiences with a human touch. We are driven to provide intuitive natural language experiences that are simple to engage, easy to manage, and can scale to the largest populations. Orbita’s virtual assistants empower you to offer care that goes beyond expectations.

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Increase engagement across every channel with our solutions

The digital front door

Get found, navigate patients across organizational resources, and convert patients in for care with OrbitaENGAGE.

The bedside assistant

Empower hands-free patient-provider communication through AI-powered request prioritization and smart routing with OrbitaASSIST.

The connected patient

Reach patients at home through personalized targeted communications with OrbitaCONNECT.

Our COVID-19 solutions

Support patients and keep employees healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our chatbot and voicebot solutions reduce contact center burden and protect front line staff.

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Orbita's conversational AI platform

A next-generation engagement and experience management platform. Create omni-channel, multimodal solutions that speak to you.

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Orbita Prototype Easily create, collaborate and share conversational dialogues.

Orbita Experience Designer Build conversational experiences quickly and reliably.

Orbita Experience Manager Author, manage and optimize conversational experiences that resonate.

Orbita Answers Create and manage complex question-and-answer interactions.

Orbita Insights Gain actionable insights to build better conversational experiences.

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