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Thank you, Bertha Coombs, for your CNBC story about digital voice assistants in healthcare. Bertha spoke with our partner Libertana and Yvonne, an 82-year-old who's benefiting from our technology, and shared time with us in our Boston office.

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Orbita Voice?

Orbita Answers™
Use our voice-driven knowledge engine to help users quickly drill down to meaningful results. Ingest your content into our knowledge graph. Leverage meta-data, taxonomies and more to intelligently connect data and guide users through logical next steps with smart Q&A - all via a voice-in-voice-out interface.
Tableau Integration
Leverage voice for sales enablement. Help your reps drive results by providing remote, voice-enabled access to Tableau dashboards (including multi-language support)
Digital Health Coaching Module
Leverage the Orbita Voice™ Mobile SDK to create voice-powered digital coaching experiences. Improve engagement with on-demand education and instructions. Customize according to population, program needs.
Amazon Alexa-to-Google Assistant Porting
Import an Alexa schema into Orbita and publish to Google Assistant in just a few steps. Preserve existing business logic.
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Orbita Voice is the first enterprise-grade platform for creating and maintaining voice and chat bot applications for healthcare

  • Accelerate development and streamline maintenance of voice assistant applications with pre-built templates and intuitive tools designed for non-technical business users
  • Easily integrate with existing systems, processes, and digital channels using flexible APIs and 3rd party integration
  • Reduce risks with a robust, scalable, and secure (HIPAA-compliant) infrastructure
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Orbita Voice is used by leading healthcare organizations to enable voice-first and conversational applications that:

  • Improve Patient Engagement with natural, voice-first experiences that provide access to the resources and support patients need, when and where they need it.
  • Improve Population Health with intuitive applications to manage care plans and care journeys for high-risk patient populations.
  • Reduce Costs of Care with intelligent, voice-based remote monitoring solutions that increase early intervention, reduce risks, and reduce clinical staff demands.
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How does Orbita Voice Work?

Just as every business rushed to develop a website, and then rushed to develop mobile apps, businesses are now rushing to harness the simplest way to engage users: through the power of Voice. Watch this short video to learn more about Orbita Voice.

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