WHITE PAPER: Engaging HCPs Throughout the Pharma Brand Lifecycle with Conversational AI 

Learn about how the pandemic-driven shift to a higher volume of remote care in the healthcare industry makes it an optimal time for pharma marketers to offer HCPs personalized brand support through conversational AI.


Orbita COVID-19 Solutions

Help patients and keep employees healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic with Orbita’s chatbot and voicebot solutions, reducing contact center burden and protecting essential workers and front-line staff.

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Orbita Employee
Health Manager

Promote healthier workplaces with health screening, assessment, and educational tools for employees. Orbita’s Employee Health Manager helps employers manage return-to-work clearance and continuous health monitoring.

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Your Digital Front Door

Draw patients in through digital front door, powered by virtual health assistants and conversational AI. OrbitaENGAGE helps patients discover your organization and guides them through healthcare decisions with next-generation marketing, conversational SEO, and virtual triage.


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Your Virtual Bedside Assistant

Meet patients’ needs with a virtual health assistant at the bedside that empowers hands-free, patient-provider communication. OrbitaASSIST prioritizes requests and smart-routes them to the right resource. This market-proven solution was created and vetted in close partnership with nurses.


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Your Pre and Post-Visit Virtual Assistant

Empower patients at home to manage their health through personalized education and support. OrbitaCONNECT supports the creation of virtual health assistants that improve the patient experience, outcomes, care team efficiency while reducing risks.

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