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Why Orbita?

Orbita is healthcare specific, and our portfolio has been developed by skilled technology experts with a proven record of excellence and success. Rather than a single-point product, Orbita delivers a powerful integrated suite of solutions designed to work together to provide a true enterprise-spanning solution. Clients can use as much or as little as needed to meet organizational objectives.

    • Natural language understanding. Natural language capabilities mean Orbita is trained to understand the words and terms patients, consumers and providers use in every-day life, rather than forcing them to use provider-centric terminology.
    • Conversational and hyper-personalized. Conversational AI functionality guides users through an extensive and well-mapped dialog so they are directed to the specific information/answers the need and run into fewer dead ends.
    • Security and privacy. Orbita recognizes the importance of security and privacy to protect regulated data and comply with important laws/regulations. Orbita has attained and maintains industry-standard certifications including ISO 27001, ISO 27701, SOC 2 Type II and Privacy Shield – and is pursuing HITRUST CSF certification.
    • Dashboards and analytics. Clients have access to intuitive dashboards that provide real-time data, as well as analytics/reports, so leaders can assess virtual assistant performance and make adjustments for greater efficacy.
    • Multilingual. The solution can translate requests into more than 100 languages.
    • Multichannel. Orbita offers integrated multichannel functionality, deploying its virtual assistant across web, text and voice (IVR) modalities.
    • Live agent escalation. Patients, consumers and providers are fully supported with seamless synchronous and asynchronous transfers to live agents when necessary. Transcripts of the interaction between the patient and virtual assistant are provided to the live agent.
    • Customizable knowledgebases. Orbita delivers fully customizable knowledgebases that can adapt and grow over time to make the virtual assistant more efficient.
    • White-glove service. Orbita considers each client a true partner and ensure implementation and go-live proceed seamlessly. Monthly touchpoints and quarterly business reviews ensure the project meets/exceeds expectations and performance objectives.
    • Easy to use, easy to adapt. Orbita is designed with no-code functionality so non-coders can easily create conversational workflows to meet evolving needs. Clients can build critical dialogs within the virtual assistant – without straining internal technical resources – to adapt to new information or external events and reflect changes in patient preferences.

Superior Technology

Leveraging Orbita’s technology and expertise, we can extend beyond the traditional digital channels of web and mobile to enable meaningful, content-driven conversations at the time and place information is needed. Voice is a powerful interface for providing useful, practical, evidence-based information that supports overall health and wellness goals.

Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., general internal medicine physician and associate medical director of Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions

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