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Patient Access and Acquisition

Talk about an extreme disconnect: Healthcare organizations aren’t aligned with patient expectations regarding how to get information, learn about their services and schedule appointments. 

Patients want digital access – consumer experiences like they have with retail, travel and financial services. But healthcare often fails to deliver. 

Orbita Patient Access and Acquisition

Only about 5% of patients engage in a meaningful or productive way with provider websites and chatbots. 

Why? Today’s chatbots are poorly designed. They don’t speak the patient’s language so they often misdirect the patient or deliver irrelevant information – or, worse, guide them to a dead end. Frustration and abandonment are high. 

Orbita Chatbot Orbita Chatbot Orbita Chatbot

The next generation of “digital front door”

Natural language understanding, conversational AI and machine learning deliver productive, complex patient interactions – well beyond today’s web-based “chatbot.”

Our advanced technology reduces burden on staff by eliminating redundant tasks and requests. Research from IBM indicates virtual assistants can handle 80% of routine requests.

Organizations can capture revenue by streamlining how patients find information and – and take action. Positive digital-first experiences result in more conversions and improved patient satisfaction. Our intuitive and empathetic virtual assistants navigate patients through as many as 30 conversational factors so they receive precise information.

Access and Acquisition Virtual Assistant Access and Acquisition Virtual Assistant Access and Acquisition Virtual Assistant

We see great potential in Orbita’s digital front door to enhance the patient experience while improving our operational efficiency. Since launching it earlier this year, we are already seeing patients quickly gravitating to our virtual assistant.

Amy Porwoll, Chief Information Officer


Beyond the Bot: Orbita Blaze

Healthcare providers often consider their website the “digital front door” to their organization. Some have even adopted a chatbot to help patients navigate their services. But few patients engage with these tools: About 43% of site visitors go immediately to a website’s search bar – which, more often than not, fails to deliver desired or accurate information. 

Orbita Blaze – the next-generation of Patient Access and Acquisition – revolutionizes the search function on healthcare websites, transforming limited search tools into a genuinely intelligent virtual assistant. Orbita Blaze uses natural language understanding and intentional conversational dialogs so the whole website becomes an intuitive and useful search experience.  

The Next Generation of Digital Front Door The Next Generation of Digital Front Door The Next Generation of Digital Front Door

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