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Patient Access and Acquisition

Empower your patients with automated open scheduling, referral scheduling, and appointment management

Patient Activation

Automated Self-Scheduling

Orbita’s Patient Access and Acquisition solution uses AI-powered virtual assistants to automate self-service open scheduling, referral scheduling, and appointment management.

Orbita’s digital-first approach means providers can:

  • Reduce the steps required for patients to schedule services that generate revenue 
  • Unify the patient experience with integrated, automated communication campaigns
  • Optimize call center operations to manage labor costs
Patient Activation and Outreach Patient Activation and Outreach Patient Activation and Outreach

Omnichannel Communications

Outreach campaigns can be delivered across multiple channels – email, text, voice – enabling patients to take action from a single point of contact, instead of needing to follow up with a phone call or log into another communication platform.

Orbita’s unique “cascaded omnichannel communications” delivers messages sequentially across email, text, and/or voice to reach the patient on their preferred channel.

Orbita clients report an increase in patient engagement from 30% to over 75% when using cascaded omnichannel communication.

Campaign Management

  • Campaign Blueprints. Create from scratch or access pre-built templates to manage the fields within each communication channel.
  • Population management. Define cohorts and segment populations for targeted outreach.
  • Reports and insights. Collect and review individual campaign metrics in standardized dashboards.
  • Outreach management. Manage campaign logistics including recipient population/s, communication channels, and outreach timing and cadence.
  • Channel sequencing. Determine the cascading logic of communication channels (the order of email, SMS, phone outreach) and corresponding messages.

Client Success

A major mid-Atlantic health system launched a cascading marketing campaign to enroll new mothers in an infant-care program and achieved an overall 56% engagement.

  • 82% engaged via SMS, with 46% successful enrollment   
  • 43% engagement through email, with 24% successful enrollment   
Patient Using Mobile Virtual Assistant Patient Using Mobile Virtual Assistant Patient Using Mobile Virtual Assistant

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