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Care Navigation

Care Navigation supports patients at every step of their care journey including:

  • Pre- & post-care treatment programs to guide patients through steps to schedule, prepare for a procedure and speed recovery.
  • Continuous care programs that engage and support patients through disease and condition management programs.
  • Patient activation programs to re-engage existing patients for annual wellness visits and routine health maintenance.

Individual modules are designed to ensure patients complete specific action steps accurately and in a timely manner.

Patient intake. Care Navigation allows patients to add and update demographic and insurance information. They can also access, complete and return intake forms and questionnaires.

Financial information. Care Navigation enables providers to capture information necessary for insurance verification, as well as prior authorization checks and actions. It also supports payment collection workflows.

Pre-procedure preparation. The solution engages patients to deliver condition and procedure education and share procedure prep instructions. Information is shared along a timeline so they can interact at the appropriate times, improving response and avoiding overload. In addition, patients are given critical appointment details to ensure optimal care.

Post-visit follow up. The provider team reaches out digitally through Care Navigation – via the communication channel patients prefer – to conduct a follow-up assessment. Patients answer brief questions so the provider team can determine if recovery is proceeding satisfactorily or if intervention is needed. In addition, it can share care instructions, satisfaction surveys, current lab or test results, and facilitate scheduling a follow-up visit.

Orbita Care Navigation integrates with EMR, CRM, finance and scheduling systems. Staff members can develop specific programs and pathways, based on verified protocols and content, to guide patients through the process. They access worklists to ensure all patients are on track. Dashboards and reports surface bottlenecks or areas where patients stall. If needed, staff can reach out to patients through secure messaging.


Memorial Medical Center

Memorial Medical Center in Wisconsin documented a 125% increase in same-day orthopedic surgeries because of workflow efficiencies and improved patient preparation.

Bariatrics Program in the Midwest

A bariatrics program in the Midwest achieved 164% higher patient volume after implementing Care Navigation. Plus, 64% patients completed the program, (compared to previous rates of around 50%) because digital tools and automation ensured they fulfilled all preparatory activities.

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