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Healthcare's Digital Front Door

Streamline access, improve patient experience, close gaps in care and reduce costs

Orbita for Healthcare Providers

81% of patients want the virtual tools adopted during COVID-19 pandemic to remain regular part of the healthcare experience

41% of patients said they would stop going to their healthcare provider over a poor digital experience

30% reduction in customer service costs via virtual assistants

15+ hours a week spent by physicians and staff closing care gaps and satisfying quality measures

50% of patients mention forgetfulness as one of the major non-intentional reasons for non-adherence

40% increase from 2019 in the number of patients changing providers because of a poor digital health experience

Simplify access

Increase access and engagement with Orbita’s easy-to-implement virtual assistants that make it simpler for health systems to guide patients to the appropriate type of care.

Improve patient experience

Health systems must adapt to shifting consumer preferences for digital and virtual healthcare experiences. Reduce friction in the patient journey with personalized 24/7 self-service tools to access the appropriate level of care with Orbita’s virtual assistants.

Chatbot for digital front door Chatbot for digital front door Chatbot for digital front door

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Close gaps in care

Meet consumers where they are with virtual assistants that reach and engage patients between episodes of care on the digital channels of their choice.

Orbita Virtual Assistants Orbita Virtual Assistants Orbita Virtual Assistants

Reduce costs

Automate patient outreach and support to reduce the burden on clinical staff and decrease call center costs.

Support new member acquisition goals Support new member acquisition goals Support new member acquisition goals
Orbita Experience Modules

Proactive outreach and conversational campaigns

Activate patients through conversational outreach campaigns that span the entire care journey from scheduling to appointment reminders to follow-ups.

Patient Activation Patient Activation Patient Activation

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