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Conversational AI Platform

Our SaaS platform serves as the foundation for Orbita out-of-the-box solutions – and equips healthcare business users with no-code/low-code tools to customize interactive virtual assistants to align with their priorities.

Pharmaceutical brands, medical technology vendors, health plans, and providers

Clients across the healthcare spectrum leverage the powerful Orbita conversational AI platform as their one-stop shop to design, build, deploy, and manage intelligent virtual assistants.

Secure and HIPAA-compliant

The Orbita platform streamlines patient/consumer engagement, improves business and clinical outcomes, and automates routine workflows for greater operational efficiency.

Empathetic conversational dialogs incorporating the latest technologies like OpenAI/ChatGPT can be deployed across channels (web, email, text, voice, smart speaker) to meet patients “where they are.”

Extensible, prebuilt solutions

Orbita delivers six discrete solutions for easy deployment
and rapid return on investment.

Patient Access and Acquisition

Next-generation digital front door for consumer-friendly access to information and care

Patient Self-scheduling

Open and referral scheduling configured to support diverse appointment types and provider preferences

Patient Intake and Preparation

Intelligent virtual assistant guides the patient through form completion, instructions for better compliance

Continuous Care Follow Up

Empathetic automated outreach to check on patient status and offer support

Patient Activation

Cascading, omnichannel outreach with care reminders, appointment scheduling, care management,

Pre-built Content Libraries

The Orbita platform leverages prebuilt content libraries from trusted partners and healthcare sources such as the Mayo Clinic. Clients are welcome to supplement these libraries with their own content.

  • Symptoms and Conditions Vocabularies
  • Colonoscopy Knowledgebase
  • Mammography Knowledgebase
  • PHQ9 and GAD7 Screeners
  • General Health System FAQ
  • General COVID Knowledgebase
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Knowledgebase
  • And more…

Easy-to-Use Products

Our platform features low-code/no-code tools that equip non-technical staff to confidently create and manage conversational experiences.

Question and answering

Orbita provides knowledgebase management that is intuitive and allows users to quickly train interactive virtual assistants that provide comprehensive answers to questions posed by patients, consumers, and HCPs.

Secure, real-time communication

A management interface enabling clinical and non-clinical staff to communicate with various stakeholders via chat and phone modes. The platform delivers seamless integration with popular enterprise CRM systems like Salesforce, Genesys PureCloud and more.

Communication workflows

Orbita delivers comprehensive AI-driven outreach, allowing organizations to connect with users through channels including SMS, email and IVR. Advanced cascading communication campaigns help drive outcomes and ensure the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time.

No-code experience

Designed for intermediate users and requiring no development expertise, Orbita’s environment enables users to build rich, conversational voice and chatbot applications quickly and easily. The platform provides graphical, flowchart-like interfaces, ready-made controls and pre-built templates to easily build conversations.

Analytics dashboard and reporting framework

Analytics help users better understand and improve stakeholder engagement. Dashboards enable organizations to evaluate and visualize how users navigate interactions, uncover insights, and identify areas for improved engagement. Clients can create custom reports or leverage pre-built dashboards.

Agile conversational AI platform

Orbita designed its platform with healthcare in mind, ensuring interoperability, extensibility, security and scalability to meet mission critical needs now and into the future.

Platform Overview

  • Integrations: Epic, EMR, FHIR, CRM, CMS
  • Low-code: Developers
  • Rest API: JSON Rest APIs
  • Modern Architecture: Cloud-based, scalable
  • Identity and Auth: OAuth 2.0, SSO
  • Multi-lingual: 108 languages
  • Omnichannel: Omnichannel and multimodal
  • Alerts and Notifications: Omnichannel
  • Secure Messaging: Real-time and asynchronous
  • Security: HIPAA, SOC, ISO, GDPR
  • Chatbot Design System: Extensible pre-built controls for chatbot experiences
  • Data Storage: Extensible data schemas and storage
  • Scalable Delivery: Integrated content delivery network  CDN)
  • Elastic Search: Search, geolocation
  • Content Management: Media management, workflows, permissions, etc.
  • IOT/Wearables: Device integration

AI and Machine Learning Modules

  • Survey AI: Voice surveys
  • Blaze AI: Find Care natural language processing
  • Adverse Event Detection: Health Entity Extraction
  • Cognitive Search: Web search
  • Symptom Detection: Detecting symptoms in an input
  • Condition Detection: Detecting condition from responses
  • NLP: Out-of-the-box/third‑party

Pre-built Integrations

  • Epic: Patient read/write, MyChart
  • Cerner: Patient read/write
  • Salesforce: CRM, Health Cloud
  • Genesys PureCloud: Enterprise contact center
  • Optimizely and Sitecore: Content management systems
  • HubSpot: Enterprise CRM
  • HTTP Rest API: Any system that exposes HTTP Rest API
  • Office 365: Calendars, contacts, documents

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