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AI Automation Platform Built for Healthcare

Leading healthcare organizations leverage the powerful Orbita AI platform as their one-stop shop to deploy and manage scalable, secure (HIPAA-compliant), and intelligent virtual assistants that increase patient/consumer engagement, improve business and clinical outcomes, and automate routine workflows for greater operational efficiency.

Extensible, pre-built solutions

The Orbita platform powers three complementary solutions that engage and support patient at each stage of their care journey.

Digital Front Door

Next-generation digital front door for consumer-friendly access to information and care

Patient Access and Acquisition

Automated patient outreach and scheduling configured to support diverse appointment types and provider preferences

Care Navigation

Managed automated care programs that guide and support patients throughout their care journey, from pre-visit prep to ongoing care

Intuitive Administration

Orbita platform tools equip non-technical staff to confidently create and manage applications.

Application Management

Designed for intermediate users and requiring minimal technical expertise, Orbita’s environment enables users to build and manage applications quickly and easily.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics help users better understand and improve stakeholder engagement. Dashboards enable organizations to evaluate and visualize how users navigate interactions, uncover insights, and identify areas for improved engagement. Clients can create custom reports or leverage pre-built dashboards.


Orbita designed its platform with healthcare in mind, ensuring interoperability, extensibility, security and scalability to meet mission critical needs now and into the future.

Pre-built integrations with electronic medical records (EMR), customer relationship management (CRM), practice management, call center, and other critical systems of record ensure secure and efficient flow of critical data, while providing rich, personalized experiences to patients and powerful insights to staff.

Platform Overview

  • Integrations: EMR, CRM, Call Centers
  • Modern Architecture: Cloud-based, scalable
  • Identity and Auth: OAuth 2.0, SSO
  • Multi-lingual: 100+ languages
  • Omnichannel: Omnichannel and multimodal
  • Secure Messaging: Real-time and asynchronous
  • Security: HIPAA, SOC, ISO, GDPR
  • Bot Design System: Extensible pre-built controls for chatbot experiences
  • Data Storage: Extensible data schemas and storage
  • Scalable Delivery: Integrated content delivery network (CDN)
  • Elastic Search: Search, geolocation
  • Content Management: Media management, workflows, permissions, etc.

AI, LLM, and Machine Learning

  • Generative AI: Question answering and   information extraction
  • Voice Processing: Voice recognition and synthesis
  • Sentiment: Adverse Event Detection
  • Symptom Detection: Detecting symptoms in an input
  • Condition Detection: Detecting condition from responses
  • NLP: Out-of-the-box/third‑party

Pre-built Integrations

  • Epic: Patient read/write, MyChart
  • Cerner: Patient read/write
  • Salesforce: CRM, Health Cloud
  • Genesys PureCloud: Enterprise contact center
  • FHIR HL7: Standards-based APIs

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