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Specialty Care

Automated patient engagement and communication for specialty care

Specialty care practices struggle with manual patient engagement programs that consume significant resources and, too often, deliver disappointing results.

Orbita provides pre-built solution templates and automation workflows designed for specialty care practices. From the digital front door to ongoing care management, our AI-powered virtual assistants reach patients where they are to inform and educate, schedule and confirm appointments, deliver notifications, reminders, and test results, and more.


Ohio Gastro, a leading provider of general and advanced GI procedures and services in central Ohio, uses Orbita to automate patient communications, reduce patient support and streamline operations. With Orbita, Ohio Gastro is automating:

  • Pre-procedure outreach, Delivering personalized information based on the patient’s appointment time & location, procedure type, and diet.
  • Patient self-scheduling and referral scheduling to drive efficiency.
  • Post-procedure wellness checks to identify patients needing further assistance.

Serving over 100,000 patients annually, Orbita solutions have delivered:

  • >80% patient engagement rate
  • 30% increase in operational efficiency


A major mid-Atlantic health system launched a cascading patient engagement campaign to enroll new mothers in an infant-care program and achieved an overall 56% engagement.

  • 82% engaged via SMS, with 46% successful enrollment   
  • 43% engagement through email, with 24% successful enrollment
Patient Using Mobile Virtual Assistant Patient Using Mobile Virtual Assistant Patient Using Mobile Virtual Assistant


Palomar Health’s Orthopedic & Spine Center of Excellence achieved measurable ROI when it in adopted Orbita Care Navigation solution. Digital tools improved staff productivity (reducing call volume, automating repetitive manual tasks) and patient preparedness (monitoring prerequisite activities for greater throughput, better outcomes).

Results have been notable:

• 30% reduction in LOS for spine fusion
• 98% of patients using Care Navigation felt prepared for surgery


A large academic medical center in the Midwest implemented Orbita’s Care Navigation for bariatrics to automate pre-procedure prep and post procedure care and optimize the administrative time.

The solution notifies patients of tasks to complete, like submitting for prior authorization, and helps them track their progress in preparing for an appointment, resulting in:

  • 164% increase in patient volume without adding staff.
  • >93% patient satisfaction


A major educational medical center in Wisconsin documented a 125% increase in same-day orthopedic surgeries with Orbita-powered workflow efficiencies and improved patient preparation.


A large, multi-facility eye care center in Texas leverages Orbita’s Digital Front Door chatbot solution to provide educational information about procedures, streamline scheduling, and automate billing inquiries. The intuitive, conversational experience of the Orbita chatbot has resulted in:

  • >10% increase in service inquiries and appointments
  • no additional staff

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