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This solution set is comprised of three modules:

  1. Welcome Hub serves as a digital front door and provides general introductory information to consumers visiting a provider website. Our healthcare chatbot – powered by generative and conversational AI – answers consumer questions, gives them access to a symptom checker, and guides them to appropriate and convenient care. It includes one-click access to a live agent if assistance is needed.
  2. Connection Hub helps patients to engage more deeply with your organization, beyond preliminary queries and needs. Patients use conversational language to find a provider or care location – or be directed to an immediate-care facility. Patients can schedule and manage appointments online or request an appointment with specialty departments and practices.
  3. Patient Self-scheduling offers a robust experience to support a range of needs. Patients can search for availability and schedule certain types of visits immediately – and subsequently manage the appointment if they need to cancel or reschedule. Providers can proactively reach out to patients that have been referred to prompt them to schedule the appointment. Notifications and reminders can be sent via text or email.

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