Orbita White Papers

White papers on leveraging
conversational AI to engage
patients, improve outcomes,
and reduce costs

Engaging HCPs Throughout the Pharma Brand Lifecycle with Conversational AI

Learn about how the pandemic-driven shift to a higher volume of remote care in the healthcare industry makes it an optimal time for pharma marketers to offer HCPs personalized brand support through conversational AI. Read white paper.

Powering the Healthcare Digital Front Door and Reducing Clinician Burden with Conversational AI

Learn best practices for leveraging the digital front door in healthcare to reduce clinician burden and create meaningful efficiencies. Read white paper.

Employee Health Return-to-work StrategiesGUIDE: Employee Health Return to Work Strategies

Learn what it takes to implement a safe and efficient return-to-work and reopening process, with best practices for promoting employee health, physical/facility safety, and communication. This guide includes key resources from Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and more. Read white paper.

The Ten Principles of Conversational Design

Learn best practices for designing conversational experiences and optimizing user interactions that truly delight and engage. Read white paper by Nick White, Orbita EVP Patient Care Solutions.

The Ultimate Guide to Voice Search & Why it Matters to Marketers

Learn what “voice search” means for today’s healthcare marketing, discover best practices for improving search rankings when consumers use voice search, and explore top solutions for converting consumers into patients. Read white paper.

Secure Voice in Healthcare

Secure Voice in Healthcare: The What, Why, and How of HIPAA-Eligible Voice Assistants

Learn about key HIPAA compliance guidelines for securing conversational AI in healthcare, along with the systems and policies that Orbita has in place to help customers and partners securely handle personal health information through voice and chatbot-powered virtual assistants in compliance with HIPAA. Read white paper.

Prototyping Conversational Applications: Process, Tips, and Tools for Effective Voice UX Design

Learn about best practices and common obstacles in building virtual assistants for healthcare. This is a terrific resource for tried-and-true processes, tips and tools for effective voice UX design and prototyping. Read eBook.

Alexa, Can You Heal Me Now? Voice Assistant Technology and The Future of Healthcare

Learn about the significant developments in conversational AI during the last decade, and how voice and chatbot-powered virtual assistants can be leveraged to coordinate healthcare across settings throughout the patient journey. Read white paper.

How Conversational Interfaces Improve Consumer Engagement and Call Center Efficiency in Healthcare

Learn about five key drivers for using conversational interfaces in today’s changing healthcare landscape. Come away with powerful information about using conversational interfaces to improve consumer engagement and call center efficiency—while also impacting key healthcare aims for better outcomes, lower costs, and improved patient satisfaction. Read white paper.