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Digital-first Efficiencies

Providers, life sciences, partners and agencies.

Increasingly, market dynamics compel organizations across healthcare verticles – such as healthcare providers and life sciences organizations – to embrace a digital-first approach to operational workflows.

Healthcare chatbot

Two specific factors create friction to drive digital transformation

  • Internal demands

    Tight margins, staff shortages, and the need to optimize revenue require organizations to function more efficiently, optimize resources and streamline workflows.

  • External Pressures

    Patients, consumers, and healthcare providers demand streamlined digital experiences – they want the convenience of interacting on their terms and schedules.

Orbita partners with a wide range healthcare stakeholders:

  • Group Practices
  • Hospitals
  • Health Systems and IDNs
  • Life Sciences Companies
  • Health Plans

Interactive virtual assistants, powered by advanced natural language understanding and conversational AI (using the latest generative AI models), help them interact across channels convenient for their stakeholders.

Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy

Life Sciences

Orbita equips organizations with smart self-service virtual assistants that bring efficiency to outreach from pharmaceutical brands (e.g., information about innovative therapies) and enables convenient access for patient- or HCP-initiated engagement (e.g., requests for copay cards).

For example, Orbita’s robust virtual tools allow:

  • HCPs to access important clinical data for themselves and essential education for their patients, so they can get the insights they want when they want it;
  • Patients to participate in brand initiatives such as Patient Assistance Program enrollment/re-enrollment and medication reminders, designed to be intuitive and empathetic.


Orbita offers six out-of-the-box solutions built on its powerful conversational AI platform (incorporating the latest technologies like OpenAI/ChatGPT) to streamline both patient-initiated experiences (such as digital front door access and self-scheduling) and provider-initiated engagements (including patient intake and prep, as well as outreach and continuous care follow up).

Partners and Agencies

By leveraging the flexibility and scalability of our platform and intelligent virtual assistants, Orbita partners can configure solutions to meet their objectives and customize use cases for their clients (life sciences companies or provider organizations). Dedicated to fostering success, Orbita collaborates with partners to embed its conversational AI platform in their technology and engages them in mutually beneficial referral arrangements and reseller agreements.

Support new member acquisition goals Support new member acquisition goals Support new member acquisition goals

“Orbita has been a terrific partner for years”

We recognized early on that we weren’t in the business of building technology. The Orbita team is great to work with as we build out specific use cases for our customers. It’s scalable and offers a lot of self-service functionality so we can manage programs ourselves. And it’s important that Orbita is specifically designed for healthcare and is HIPAA‑compliant.

Anna Kravets, President and Co-founder