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Automation with Empathy™

Orbita was founded April 2015 to deliver innovative and easy-to-use technologies that serve as the connective tissue across the healthcare ecosystem.

Founders Bill Rogers, Bill Cava, Alpesh Patel and Nathan Treloar were driven – in some cases by personal experience – to improve how healthcare leaders interact with primary stakeholders across providers, sciences and the partners that support them.

With deep expertise in content management and voice technologies, the founders sought to improve healthcare communications by offering a variety of engagement interfaces: digital, text and voice. Their objective was to help organizations improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and automate routine workflows, as well as to reimagine the patient experience by helping deliver better access through empathetic and efficient communication.

Since then, Orbita has partnered with a wide range of providers, life sciences companies and strategic healthcare partners. It licenses its scalable platform – powered by generative and conversational AI – as well as five out-of-the-box solutions for hospitals, health systems and medical practices.

Healthcare chatbot

Orbita partners with a wide range healthcare stakeholders:

  • Group Practices
  • Hospitals
  • Health Systems and IDNs
  • Life Sciences Companies
  • Health Plans

Interactive virtual assistants, powered by advanced natural language understanding and conversational AI (using the latest generative AI models), help them interact across channels convenient for their stakeholders.

Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy

“Orbita has been a terrific partner for years”

We recognized early on that we weren’t in the business of building technology. The Orbita team is great to work with as we build out specific use cases for our customers. It’s scalable and offers a lot of self-service functionality so we can manage programs ourselves. And it’s important that Orbita is specifically designed for healthcare and is HIPAA‑compliant.

Anna Kravets, President and Co-founder