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Automation, Self-service for Greater Success

Individual provider organizations define “success” according to their own priorities: Higher patient volume. Revenue growth. Better productivity and cost management. Improved quality and satisfaction scores.

Workflow automation and digital tools accelerate success in any of these areas.

Orbita for Healthcare Providers

Addressing today’s obstacles

Orbita Access Navigation and Care Navigation solutions address a myriad of challenges facing healthcare today:

  • Patients are frustrated when they can’t get accurate information and answers on their schedule – not only during business hours.
  • Patients are dissatisfied when they can’t access self-service tools like online scheduling like they can in other areas of their lives.
  • Staff can’t keep up with the volume of inbound calls and queries – and regret the delays this causes.
  • Clinicians can’t focus on care concerns during patient encounters because they’re dealing with overflow administrative issues.
  • Critical processes and documents (like insurance verification, patient education, prep procedures) fall through the cracks, delaying procedures and causing expensive cancellations.
  • Leaders don’t have a single source of truth to help them predict volume and throughput, forecast revenue, identify bottlenecks and recapture potential lost opportunities.

Supporting the care journey

The Orbita portfolio of solutions automates healthcare workflows and delivers online scheduling and self-service for patients along the entire care journey. These tools – which integrate with virtually any EHR, scheduling or CRM system – reduce call volume and burden on staff while giving patients the consumer experience they seek.

Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy

Empathy and the human touch

We’re committed to natural language interactions. Orbita’s healthcare chatbots, virtual assistants and digital tools use language patients are comfortable with — and respond in a contextual, conversational way. This drives up utilization, satisfaction and efficiency.

Less friction. Less frustration

And we use generative and healthcare conversational AI technologies to help deliver comprehensive and accurate information via thoughtful dialogs. Fewer patients abandon digital tools and engagement soars.

Prepared patients

Our solutions leverage defined care pathways so teams can make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Patients interact with educational materials, complete required documents and fulfill procedure prep activities at their convenience. Staffers monitor individual patient or cohort progress so they can intervene when assistance is needed. Patients arrive for scheduled procedures fully prepared, reducing delays and cancelations.

Reports and analytics

Foundational to all Orbita solutions, intuitive dashboards and robust analytics provide actionable insights to uncover patient needs and assess operational performance. Leaders monitor patient engagement and progress so their teams can adjust for greater efficacy. We deliver reports exploring a myriad of performance metrics to uncover where care pathways work and where they don’t – so clients can adjust and modify their strategies.

Solutions: Access Navigation and Care Navigation

Orbita offers healthcare providers two sets of solutions. Both include performance modules to ensure they meet precise needs.

  • Access Navigation

    Access Navigation powers end-to-end communication & workflows – before, during and after care. Orbita automates the patient experience across find, registering for and scheduling care. Patients appreciate the convenience of self-service, while staff benefit from lower call volumes and routine tasks.

    Digital front door  Q&A chatbot  |  IVR integration  |  Patient self-scheduling  |  Referral scheduling  |  Symptom triage  |  Find care now  |  Find a provider  |  Insurance qualification

  • Care Navigation

    Care Navigation reduces the burden on staff by automating workflows along the care journey and providing insights on the patients that need assistance. Care and administrative teams track patient populations to measure fallout rates, understand bottlenecks in the process and forecast procedure volumes. The digital-first experience improves patient engagement, compliance and loyalty – to reduce delays, cancellations and leakage.

    Patient intake  |  Patient journeys with actionable steps  |  Dashboards for staff to monitor pipeline, manage patient progress  |  EMR scheduling integration  |  EMR patient integration  |  Single sign on | Campaigns cascading across web, email, text, voice | Channel sequencing | Reporting and analytics

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