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Digital-first improves patient experience, operational efficiency

During a discussion about digital tools, one healthcare leader recently said: “We must move at the speed of patients’ expectations.”


Patients – accustomed to online convenience in retail, travel, hospitality, finance – are demanding it of healthcare.

Orbita for Healthcare Providers

The good news: Healthcare providers benefit from automation as much as patients do. They seek strategies to increase revenue, reduce costs and relieve overextended staff.

  • Organizations have posted negative operating margins for months on end (Kaufmann Hall)
  • 50+% of healthcare workers report burnout (NEJM)
  • 74% of call center staff are ready to hang up their headsets (Forbes)

That’s why Orbita delivers smart digital front doors, chatbots and automated outreach tailored for healthcare: To help patients get information and access to care – when they need it and how they want it (website, email, text or voice). And to help organizations make the most of available resources and meet growth goals.

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Empathy and the human touch

We’re committed to natural language interactions. Orbita’s healthcare virtual assistants take words patients are comfortable with — instead of forcing them to use medical jargon. Then we convert them into accurate clinical vocabularies. This drives up utilization, satisfaction and efficiency.

Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy

Less friction. Less frustration

And we use conversational and generative AI technologies to help guide patients through thoughtful dialogs. The Orbita solution considers up to 30 factors – queries that patients respond to – so they receive the precise information needed. Fewer patients abandon digital tools and engagement soars.

Conversational AI Technologies Conversational AI Technologies Conversational AI Technologies

Reports and analytics

Foundational to all Orbita solutions, intuitive dashboards and robust analytics provide actionable insights to uncover additional patient needs and assess operational performance. Leaders can monitor engagement with the virtual assistant and adjust for greater efficacy. We deliver reports about what information and types of care patients seek – and where they might encounter barriers – so clients can adjust and modify their strategies.

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