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Patient Self-scheduling

Patients want to schedule appointments digitally. 45% of young adults and 36% of the population say this is important to them.

Patient On Mobile

It’s not an easy task. Many variables are at play: 

  • Where is the patient located? 
  • What is the patient’s condition or diagnosis? 
  • What type of health insurance does the patient have? 
  • Do they need to see a PCP or a specialist (and, if so, do they first need a referral)? 
  • Which providers treat the patient’s condition? 
  • What are the parameters around the type of appointment the patient needs (e.g., duration, time of day)? 
  • How can an automated system handle cancellations and rescheduling requests? 
Connect Patients to Providers with Healthcare Chatbots Connect Patients to Providers with Healthcare Chatbots Connect Patients to Providers with Healthcare Chatbots

Orbita Patient Self-scheduling

Patients can proactively schedule – as well as cancel and reschedule – PCP appointments, repeat visits and routine services through the organization’s virtual assistant.  

Providers can send reminders via email, text or IVR using Orbita’s outreach solution to encourage patients to schedule routine and preventive care. Likewise, specialists can respond to referrals from other providers to proactively engage patients for follow up.

  • From these notifications, patients can easily and directly link to the virtual assistant without having to phone the office. 

It’s win-win. Providers capture critical revenue without overextending limited staff resources. And patients celebrate the elimination of “telephone tag:” They no longer must interrupt their day to accommodate provider business hours. Instead, patients have convenient 24/7 access to schedule appointments that fit their schedule.

Orbita Patient Self-scheduling Orbita Patient Self-scheduling Orbita Patient Self-scheduling
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