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Patient Intake and Preparation

Patient Using Mobile Virtual Assistant

Automating patient intake and preparation benefits both patients and provider organizations. How much? 

  • One physician reports he often spends up to 45 minutes with a single patient completing paperwork (intake forms, patient histories, prep for procedures). He’s burned out and needs to free up his and his staff’s time – to focus on clinical care vs. routine administrative tasks. 
  • Patients don’t want to waste that time in the exam room either. Medical Economics reports 68% of patients say quick check-in is an important component of their healthcare experience 
Healthcare Automation Healthcare Automation Healthcare Automation

Orbita Patient Intake and Preparation automates these workflows, digitizing paper-based forms and disjointed portal questionnaires to gather critical data. The Orbita virtual assistant reaches out through text, email and voice to connect with patients on their preferred device. An intentional, conversational approach guides patients using familiar language – via voice, images, videos and more – to explain questions, define medical terms and clarify responses to increase completion rates and reduce abandonment. If clients choose, Patient Intake and Preparation can be integrated with the EMR for ideal data capture and population of system of record. 

Orbita Intake and Preparation Orbita Intake and Preparation Orbita Intake and Preparation

Burnout remains a top issue among providers, but no one seems to be able to solve it. We want to spend less time on mundane tasks such as taking medical histories.

Raghuram Reddy, MD

Ohio Gastroenterology

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