Survey Builder

Develop and deliver surveys using the world's first
wysiwyg survey builder for voice and chat

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Create surveys & assessments


  • Design polls, surveys and assessments using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Leverage sophisticated features including branching, conditional questions, and more
  • Score results, stratify users, and assess risk levels using custom scoring criteria

Collect user input


  • Validate against pre-defined types, e.g. phone numbers, dates, etc. to ensure respondents answer in a specific format
  • Define custom response options, support free form responses, and enable data collection using natural language interfaces
  • Collect and store responses in Orbita's HIPAA compliant data repository or an existing enterprise data service

Deploy and Analyze


  • Deploy surveys to conversational interfaces (i.e. Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, web and mobile chat apps, and more)
  • Analyze survey results using custom logic, machine learning algorithms, and third-party services
  • Visualize responses using out-of-the-box capabilities, or export survey results into third-party tools for further analysis


Tap the power of conversational AI through virtual health assistants.