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Digital-first Efficiencies

Increasingly, market dynamics compel healthcare organizations – specialty programs, medical practices, hospitals, health systems – to embrace a digital-first approach to operational workflows.

Healthcare chatbot

Two specific factors create friction to drive digital transformation

  • Internal demands

    Clinicians and staff are overextended because of heavy administrative burdens. Staff shortages, restrictive operational budgets and the need to achieve growth goals require organizations to function more efficiently, optimize resources and streamline workflows.

  • External Pressures

    Patients, consumers and staff demand intuitive digital experiences. They seek the convenience of automation to reduce burdensome manual activities and enable self-service.

Orbita partners with a wide range of healthcare providers:

  • Clinical specialty programs
  • Group practices
  • Hospitals, health systems and IDNs

Interactive virtual assistants and digital tools – powered by advanced natural language understanding and healthcare conversational AI – help our clients interact across the channels convenient for their patients.

We offer Access Navigation solutions (leveraging the latest technologies like generative AI) that feature healthcare chatbots, patient access and acquisition support, symptom checking and online self-scheduling.

Plus, Care Navigation supports patients along their care journey with digital tools to help ensure they are fully prepared for procedures and achieve optimal outcomes. Dashboards help staff monitor patient activities and status so they can intervene when assistance is needed.

Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy Automation with Empathy

Client successes

Savvy healthcare providers invest in solutions that deliver proven results.

Clients leveraging Orbita Access Navigation have found that the healthcare chatbot and other digital tools have greatly reduced call volume and demands on staff to respond to routine, repetitive queries.

For example, across a cohort of 140,000 digital front door users, nearly 87% of the queries sought self-scheduling information – eliminating the need for a phone call. Other tasks patients were able to complete online included finding provider-vetted information about symptoms and health education (24%). Notably, only 3% escalated to interaction with a live agent.

Specialty programs leveraging Orbita Care Navigation reported quantitative improvement in various metrics.

"Orbita has been a terrific partner for years"

We recognized early on that we weren’t in the business of building technology. The Orbita team is great to work with… And it’s important that Orbita is specifically designed for healthcare and is HIPAA‑compliant.

Anna Kravets, President and Co-founder