Orbita for
Life Sciences
Empower patients & HCPs to self-serve
by providing on-demand, 24/7 information
through conversational search to reach
them when they are 'ready'

Reduce Non-Compliance and Improve Outcomes by Driving Access, Adherence, and Engagement

Accessing and properly taking a new drug can be challenging for patients. Studies show approximately 20%-30% of prescriptions are never filled, and of those that are, only half of all medications prescribed for chronic disease are taken as prescribed. With Orbita for Life Sciences, patients, healthcare professionals, and caregivers are empowered with an always-available virtual health assistant.

Support Patients

  • Support patients in a more meaningful and efficient way by providing access to credible, on-label information through conversational experiences.
  • Promote patient adherence during prescribed medication protocols by providing digital support tools to be used during the patient treatment journey (continuation of treatment leads to patient empowerment, improved adherence, decrease in treatment drop off rates and increased revenue.
  • Provide escalation to call center agents for complex/urgent questions and adverse event reporting. Escalation ensures that patients get the answers to their questions when the solution cannot do this for them. Triaging to the correct agent allows for increased education, and hopefully adherence, in patients.

Support HCPs

Designed to simplify the ‘content search’ experience within brand websites, enable a reciprocal chat experience where an HCP can quickly ask a specific question and receive the information on-demand.

  • Provides 24/7 feedback when call centers are not open/agents are not available.
  • Conversational search provides option to searching through pages of content.
  • The more available the content, and in a format/channel that the HCP prefers, call center volume decreases by assisting with frequently asked questions.

See Orbita in Action

See how your organization can create and deploy virtual health assistants across multiple life sciences use cases.