Reduce Non-Compliance and Improve Outcomes by Driving Access, Adherence, and Engagement

Accessing and properly taking a new drug can be challenging for patients. Studies show approximately 20%-30% of prescriptions are never filled, and of those that are, only half of all medications prescribed for chronic disease are taken as prescribed. With Orbita for Life Sciences, patients, healthcare professionals, and caregivers are empowered with an always-available virtual health assistant.

Support Patients and Healthcare Providers (HCPs)

Virtual health assistants powered by Orbita have the ability to be always-available within a patient’s everyday life, in the home or on the go. More access to treatment assistance, instant data collection, and reporting to care teams and trial facilitators improves meaningful patient-reported data and patient outcomes.

Improve Reporting and Outcomes

  • On-label education
  • Clinical trial team onboarding
  • Call center augmentation
  • Always-available, self-service support
  • Sales and business operations

…all through an intuitive and conversational experience.

See Orbita in Action

See how your organization can create and deploy virtual health assistants across multiple life sciences use cases.