OrbitaENGAGE Acquire and retain patients
through voice search and
conversational AI

Meet Consumers Where They Are with a Digital Front Door

Remove friction and improve access to care with OrbitaENGAGE, a digital front door that helps consumers quickly and easily find the information they need to access and receive care. Using powerful conversational experiences like chatbots, voice search, and voice SEO, OrbitaENGAGE supports patients as they search for a doctor, location, service or activities like triaging and appointment scheduling.

See OrbitaENGAGE in Action

See how your brand's digital front door can engage patients through voice SEO, finding a doctor or location, scheduling an appointment, and virtual triage.

Get Found Through Voice Search

Voice search is dramatically changing the way consumers search for information online. This behavior change also applies when it comes to looking for healthcare information. With over 71% of consumers using voice search at least once a day, it’s critical that healthcare organizations optimize for voice search to increase awareness and retain market share.

OrbitaENGAGE digital front door solutions include voice search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities that your content and services are formatted and discoverable in a voice-optimized, brand-forward way.



  • Voice search and voice SEO
  • Find a doctor or location
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Healthcare FAQs
  • Virtual triage
  • Virtual waiting room (telehealth integration)
  • Call center deflection

Tap the power of conversational AI through virtual health assistants.

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