Guide Patients through their Healthcare Decisions

Patients expect real-time access and immediate information when it comes to making healthcare decisions. With OrbitaENGAGE, create a digital front door strategy so patients can easily find you online, then be able to quickly navigate their healthcare options like find a doctor or location and schedule an appointment.

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See how your brand's Digital Front Door can engage patients through voice SEO, finding a doctor or location, scheduling an appointment, and virtual triage.

Get Found through Voice Search

More people are voice searching where they’re asking out loud a question to an assistant or even in their browser. “Hey Siri, where’s the nearest urgent care?” “OK Google, is there a chiropractor near me?” The problem is that organizations have not optimized for voice search so they’re no longer being found by potential patients if those individuals are searching by asking questions. Moving forward, with Orbita, you can easily format your content as questions and answers to ensure your brand will be found.


  • Voice Search and Voice SEO
  • Find a doctor or location
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Healthcare FAQs
  • Virtual triage
  • Virtual visits (telehealth integration)
  • Call deflection

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