OrbitaCONNECT A virtual health assistant for
chronic, pre and post-visit
care continuity

Providing Care Throughout the Patient Journey

OrbitaCONNECT supports the creation of virtual health assistants that engage, inform, and empower patients at home to manage their health through personalized patient education and guidance.

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See how your organization can create virtual health assistants that empower patients at home to manage their health through personalized patient education, guidance, and support.

Key Benefits

  • Improve Patient Experience: Provide an intuitive, conversational experience designed to engage and delight patients
  • Improve Outcomes: Ensure patients are supported and adhering to established care plans through coaching, assessments, reminders, and care team communication
  • Improve Care Team Efficiency: Offload care team by helping patients self-serve access to the information and services they need, when they need it
  • Reduce Risks: Ensure privacy and security of patient data in compliance with organizational and regulatory (HIPAA, GDPR) requirements


  • Experience Templates: Quickly develop and deploy virtual healthcare assistants using ready-made templates for healthcare coaching, medication reminders, question answering, surveys and assessments, and more
  • Flexible Integration Framework: Easily integrate with EHRs, custom and 3rd-party content services, population health systems, connected devices, clinical-grade health dictionaries and ontologies
  • Omni-Channel Support: Reach patients on any device (smart speakers, mobile and web app, custom device) over any interface modality (text, voice, or touch)

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