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Orbita Blaze: Next Generation Digital Front Door

Convert your website into an interactive virtual assistant

The Next Generation of Digital Front Door

Even though healthcare providers believe their websites serve as a “digital front door,” nothing could be further from the truth. 

It’s true that about 43% of visitors go immediately to a website’s search bar. Unfortunately, healthcare websites are not configured to guide patients in a meaningful way.

  • Rarely do search functions understand the every-day language patients use to describe what they are looking for or the circumstances prompting their search.  
  • Websites don’t probe to undercover the visitor’s intent – failing to present follow-up queries that refine the search and help guide patients to information specific to their situation. 
Omnichannel Virtual Assistants Omnichannel Virtual Assistants Omnichannel Virtual Assistants

Orbita Blaze delivers an intelligent virtual assistant powered by generative AI that overcomes:  

Lack of knowledge. Patients are expected to understand what type of care is most appropriate for their situation (e.g., if they have recurring severe headaches, should they seek out a specialist or go to urgent care?). 

Overwhelmed by options. Patients are overwhelmed by the number of options presented to them through website navigation menus, search bars and apps (e.g., should they use the “find a doctor,” “find a location” or the search bar?). 

Poor search experience. Patients attempt to use the search bar using familiar words and phrases – but don’t get the right information because website algorithms are built on clinical vocabularies. 

Increased drop-off. Patients aren’t able to find the care, information or resources they need so they abandon the search in frustration – leading to gaps in care, system leakage and high levels of dissatisfaction.  

Patient Chatbot Patient Chatbot Patient Chatbot
Screenshots of Orbita Blaze functionality

As part of the Patient Access and Acquisition solutionand representing the next generation of the digital front door – Orbita Blaze converts the entire website into an interactive virtual assistant:

  • Understands the words and phrases patients naturally use, facilitated by natural language understanding, to zero in on their specific need (“I need a foot doctor near me that takes Aetna”); 
  • Triggers thoughtful and hyper-personalized dialogs to pose questions and probe for details to ensure patients navigate to the appropriate resources (“What is your ZIP code?” “What is your age?” “Are you pregnant?” “How long have you experienced these symptoms?”); 
  • Converts “seek/search” into “action” (e.g., “I’m looking for a provider” → “I’m scheduling an appointment”).
Interactive Virtual Assistant Interactive Virtual Assistant Interactive Virtual Assistant

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