Bedside Virtual Assistant

A virtual nurse at the bedside that empowers hands-free, simple to use, patient-provider communication. Meet patients’ needs with conversational AI that prioritizes requests and smart-routes them to the right resource. This market-proven solution was created and vetted in close partnership with nurses.

See OrbitaASSIST in action

See why nurses, physicians, and patients like this market-proven, award-winning bedside virtual assistant powered by healthcare's leading conversational AI platform.

Support positive patient experience and outcomes

OrbitaASSIST provides immediate response to patients, confirming they have been heard and that a nurse is on their way. Patients also have the ability to access FAQs, without a nurse required. OrbitaASSIST also connects patients with entertainment services and can enable smart controls of the patient environment.

Free up nurse time for providing quality care

Nurses can spend around a quarter of their time completing tasks that are not critical patient care activities. OrbitaASSIST uses AI to eliminate unnecessary activities, helping nurses to prioritize and provide a supportive environment for recovery.

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