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Automation to better serve stakeholders

Life sciences organizations support a variety of inbound and outbound communications with healthcare providers, consumers and patients.

Outreach Campaigns

Orbita’s virtual assistants and conversational AI help pharmaceutical brands:

    • Extend the reach and effectiveness of their sales teams. And compensate for difficulties in recruiting and retaining top talent;
    • Alleviate the burden on their call centers. By offering both HCPs and patients effective self-service options.

HCP Engagement

The Orbita virtual assistant is a 24/7 self-service solution for HCP education and support.

Through conversational dialogs Orbita guides HCPs to product information, including dosing, usage, warnings, and drug interactions.

Clinicians can leverage the virtual assistant to schedule appointments with sales representatives and access resources and educational materials to support patients’ treatment journeys.

Orbita’s omnichallenge approach means HCPs can access services at their convenience and through their preferred digital channel

These channels can include a chatbot on a branded website, a direct link via email or SMS message, a smart speaker, or within an automated phone system. Orbita also enables escalation to a live brand representative, combining the conveniences of an automated chatbot experience with real-time conversations when HCPs need additional support.

Healthcare Automation Healthcare Automation Healthcare Automation

Built to meet strict healthcare privacy and security requirements

Orbita’s virtual assistant can operate as a stand-alone solution or be integrated into existing infrastructure (such as a CRM) to support personalized, dynamic HCP experiences.

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Patient Assistance Programs

Today’s patient demands healthcare interactions that mirror the ease and convenience of other consumer experiences.

    • Orbita’s virtual assistant offers Intuitive and empathetic support for patients and consumers Securely engaging patients and consumers 24/7 with access to personalized education and resources. Reducing the demand on a brand’s call center, Orbita guides patients to valuable services such as online access to copay cards and financial assistance.
    • Empathetic conversational dialogs Leveraging the latest generative AI models Orbita delivers important on-label information to patients about their prescriptions by quickly and easily ingesting regulatory-approved content. The virtual assistant can then answer questions about a range of topics, including when and how they should take their medications and if they might experience potential side effects.