Cultivation Capital is a venture capital firm that supports extraordinary entrepreneurs. We are a family of venture funds and accelerators that invest in technology and life sciences companies. These funds have backed over 100 companies since the firm was founded in 2012, making us one of the most active seed investors in the country. Cultivation Capital helps businesses achieve pivotal milestones with the help of our general partners, investors, and other portfolio companies.


We are an early stage venture capital fund investing in innovative business technology companies.  We work within our family of engaged corporate partners and alongside our full-time growth team to help our startups grow, learn and thrive. With our success, we are catalyzing the technology ecosystem in Newark a growing and vibrant city just 20 minutes outside of Manhattan


HealthX Ventures is a digital healthcare-focused venture capital fund based in Madison, Wisconsin. We support teams that are making healthcare safer, more affordable and provide better results.