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Healthcare Chatbots Connect Patients to Providers

The rippling effects of COVID-19 have stretched healthcare resources. The need to engage patients – to schedule appointments, answer questions, follow up on procedures, recapture lost revenue, etc. — is great. But with current labor shortages, leaders must adopt a digital-first strategy to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Connect Patients to Providers with Healthcare Chatbots

Orbita’s Healthcare Chatbots Improve Patient Acquisition & Access

Stressors on healthcare organizations interfere with patient access. In fact, nearly 50% of consumers avoid care due to the system’s complexity.

With Orbita healthcare chatbots, providers can automate workflows – reducing dependence on human resources. Built on our conversational AI platform, healthcare chatbots remove friction for patients with intuitively human experiences throughout the entire care journey.

These conversational experiences can handle 80% of patient requests, freeing up valuable staff resources.

Healthcare Chatbot Healthcare Chatbot Healthcare Chatbot

Automated Workflows Powered by Orbita’s Human-like Healthcare Chatbot

When we look at digital transformations, there are two opportunities: there’s the cost-savings side, but the bigger opportunity is to make sure that our patients are getting the care that they need when and how they want it.

John Lock, SVP and Chief Digital Transformation Officer

MedStar Health in Fierce Healthcare Webinar

Orbita’s technology offers proven functionality, scalability and stable integration, which enables ERT to develop new solutions that help patients to stay engaged in clinical trials and remain compliant with their treatment.

Karin Beckstrom, Senior Product Manager


The ability to triage risk within your patient population and get the right patient, the right care setting, at the right time is a great place for technology. We have a couple of buyers in our marketplace, who selected Orbita’s products and they fit perfectly in that role.

David Harvey, CEO

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Automation with Empathy™

Orbita humanizes automated experiences with solutions designed to understand and empathize with patients. Our healthcare chatbots build rapport through intelligent conversations – designed to interpret nonclinical vocabulary (e.g., headache doctor vs. neurologist) so patients can get information using language they’re familiar with. This means patients encounter fewer frustrating dead ends.

Mirroring human-to-human interactions, Orbita healthcare chatbots segue seamlessly from one conversation flow to another. As a result, we achieve significantly higher engagement and resolution.

  • Advanced algorithms escalate patients to live agents when necessary
  • Secure integrations with EMRs and CRMs ensure line of sight into the entirety of interactions
Automation with Empathy™ Automation with Empathy™ Automation with Empathy™

Learn how Orbita healthcare chatbots can produce operational efficiency at your organization