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Orbita Leverages the Power of Generative AI

AI technologies are not new to Orbita: our engineers and developers have always leveraged the power of conversational and generative AI, as well as natural language understanding and machine learning.

That said, the impact of the latest advances in generative AI has radically improved speed to market and time to value – which greatly reduces cost for our clients.

Orbita can now deliver Q&A and outreach solutions in hours, rather than weeks or months.

Healthcare Provider Support Assistant

Guardrails and Controls

  • Orbita recognizes that healthcare users are concerned about accuracy and security when using generative AI.

    We are committed to finding the sweet spot between a fully automated and fully curated approach to question answering and conversational dialogs.

    Clients have full control over:

    • Leveraging generative AI to answer the vast majority of patient queries – most of which are routine and repetitive
    • Engaging subject matter experts to finetune and modify answers as needed

    By striking this balance, we maximize the benefits of automation while ensuring that unanswered/poorly answered questions can be identified and addressed through human intervention.

Addressing Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges

Orbita’s generative AI-powered technologies – which use client-approved documents to ensure accuracy and security – enable healthcare organizations to address a myriad of challenges.

    • Reduce call volume. About 80% of consumer questions can be answered by a well-designed virtual assistant – freeing staff to engage with patients truly needing a 1-on-1 conversation.
    • Improve patient education. Generative AI can help organizations deliver information to a patient, based on content of their choosing. Dialogs can cross communications channels in the patient’s native language.
    • Enhance patient satisfaction. More and more, patients expect a consumer-grade, self-service experience. Orbita’s generative AI technology helps build online tools quickly and inexpensively.

Deep Platform Integration

Orbita continues to integrate generative AI more deeply within its platform. The benefits are significant:

  • Enhanced Understanding

    Generative AI enables solutions like the Orbita platform to understand nuances and context more accurately than older intent-based models. Virtual assistants are better able to comprehend user queries and statements, leading to highly accurate responses.

  • Contextual Adaptability

    Virtual assistant can more effectively adapt to the specific flow of a conversation – remembering past interactions and maintaining context throughout the dialog. This adaptability enhances the quality of responses and creates an engaging, highly personalized user experience.

  • Learning and Improvement

    By integrating generative AI into every module, the Orbita conversational platform continuously learns from user interactions, analyzes patterns and refines responses. Iterative learning means the virtual assistant becomes more intelligent, more accurate and better equipped to handle a variety of user queries.

  • Expanded Domain Expertise

    Generative AI possesses expertise across multiple domains. The Orbita platform taps into this versatility to provide comprehensive responses on diverse topics.

  • Natural and Human-like Conversations

    Interactions with Orbita’s virtual assistants feel more intuitive and conversational because generative AI generates natural, human-like, contextually appropriate responses.

  • Multimodal Capabilities

    Generative AI handles text-based conversations, as well as a myriad of other communications like voice, images and even gestures. Integrating this technology into every module of the platform allows for multimodal input and output, enabling users to interact with the virtual assistant via their preferred mode of communication.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    Platform architecture can be easily expanded and adapted to incorporate new features, technologies and improvements in AI. This ensures Orbita adapts to evolving user needs.

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