Orbita’s Voice-First Digital Therapy Solutions Empowers Patients With On-Demand Education And Instructions

For Patients

Even with advances in digital health solutions, many patients lack the information access, engagement, or motivation to effectively manage their chronic or post-acute care needs. With an Orbita voice-enabled digital therapy solution, patients can, through the power of their own voice…

  • Easily access guided, step-by-step therapy and treatment instructions
  • Receive natural, motivational voice reminders about medication timing and dosage
  • Easily get answers to natural language questions about symptoms, conditions, medications, treatments, etc…
  • Easily read, create, delete, and change care plan calendar events, alerts and reminders

For Healthcare Organizations

Where traditional mobile health applications fail, Orbita’s voice-first digital therapy solutions are able to reach the hardest to reach patients with hands-free experiences accessible through the power of voice. For healthcare organizations, this ensures the ability to …

  • Improve adherence to treatment and medication
  • Increase patient engagement and motivation to follow care plans
  • Coordinate rules and workflows according to need and condition to deliver the optimal patient experience
  • Reduce readmissions and unnecessary emergencies


  • Pre-built voice-first application frameworks for care plan management
  • Import and integrate existing care plans and industry standard protocols
  • Integration with 3rd party care management, monitoring, and coordination tools
  • Integrated Email and SMS communication
  • Integration with transportation, scheduling, prescription services
  • Integration with EMRs
  • Voice “agents” for Amazon Echo, Google Home, chat bots and more
  • HIPAA-compliant application framework


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