Orbita Powers Voice-First Digital Solutions For Clinical Trials That Improve Participant Adherence And Reduce Costs.

For Patients

Recording progress and wellness data during a trial can be a burden for participants. With an Orbita-powered voice assistant, study participants are empowered by an experience that will…

  • Simplify recording of daily and weekly diaries and assessments
  • Improve communication with care providers and study support representatives.
  • Simplify collection of required measurements
  • Streamline access to personalized instructions and educational content

For Healthcare Organizations

The success and costs of any clinical trial is directly correlated to the ability to maximize participant engagement. Orbita powers secure, integrated patient engagement solution for clinical and research trials that leverage the natural usability of voice assistance to…

  • Improve participant engagement
  • Survey responses to health assessments help manage patient care
  • Improve timeliness and accuracy of data capture


  • Pre-built voice-first application frameworks for assessment surveys and diaries.
  • Integration with established study coordination and monitoring dashboards
  • Pre-built voice-first health and wellness question answering service
  • Integration with existing Web and mobile trial management solutions
  • Integration with companion experience for wearables and home health devices.
  • Integrated Email and SMS communication
  • Voice “agents” for Amazon Echo, Google Home, chat bots and more
  • HIPAA-compliant application framework


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