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Try it free for 30 days - and reduce call volume immediately

Orbita can activate a web-based virtual assistant to answer routine questions in 1 business day

Using OpenAI’s GPT, Orbita ingests content from a provider’s website, ensuring the information delivered and the answers offered are accurate. Patients can go to the organization’s website, ask questions via the virtual assistant and receive answers in seconds – rather than picking up the phone.

You will receive weekly utilization reports, highlighting CallDeflectAI’s performance: how many questions were asked and answered, which topics appeared most frequently, etc.

  • CallDeflectAI reduces the volume of calls currently overwhelming the contact center, front desk and other support staff.   
  • Patients receive accurate information quickly and easily, and have higher levels of satisfaction.

After the 30-day trial, you can:

  • Continue using CallDeflectAI for $499/month or $5,399/year (10% discount)
  • Upgrade to CallDeflectAI Plus, which delivers greater functionality, for $72,499/year or $61,499/year for a three-year contract
  • De-activate CallDeflectAI

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