**NEW** Quickly Port Your Amazon Alexa Skill To Google Assistant

Now, with Orbita Voice, you can quickly port Amazon Alexa skills to Google Assistant while preserving application logic.

Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

Orbita Voice™ Is The First Enterprise-Grade Platform For Building And Maintaining Secure Voice Assistants, Chat Bots, And Other Conversational Interfaces For Healthcare Applications

Design and Deploy Voice Applications


  • Integrate with multiple AI agents (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, chat bots, ...)
  • Design flows and integrate with existing systems with an intuitive, graphical designer with drag-and-drop interface
  • Easily build new application flows using pre-built templates and examples
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Manage Voice Projects, Content, and Application Templates


  • Manage multiple voice projects at once
  • Manage content versions and integrate clinically verified 3rd party content
  • Built upon a rich set of pre-built templates and controls
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Track and Measure User Engagement


  • Track user engagement using built-in analytics
  • Identify common requests, questions, and commands
  • Visualize usage patterns over time

Create and Manage Surveys and Assessments


  • Create surveys, polls, and questionnaires using “drag & drop” interface
  • Capture and store survey results or push to existing systems and databases
  • Deliver surveys across multiple modes (voice, chat, mobile, Web, analog phone, ...)
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Integrate Voice Applications with Existing Systems and Processes


  • Authenticate users against established back-end systems
  • Integrate with CRMs, EHRs, and other enterprise systems
  • Combine data from other connected devices (wearables, medical devices)


Tap into the Power of Voice-First Technologies

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