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Voice and chatbot-powered virtual assistants provide intuitive, human-like experiences throughout the patient journey. Orbita offers the leading healthcare-focused platform for designing and building HIPAA-compliant virtual assistants that engage and support patients.


What’s New In Orbita?


Improve patient experience with a 24×7 virtual assistant that supports text, touch, and hands-free voice input. Reduce call center volume and increased staff efficiency with a virtual assistant that answers common questions and auto-routes patients to aligned resources and service lines. Improve patient loyalty and brand advocacy by dynamically addressing each consumer’s unique and changing needs.


Use our voice-driven knowledge engine to help users quickly drill down to meaningful results. Ingest your content into our knowledge graph. Leverage meta-data, taxonomies and more to intelligently connect data and guide users through logical next steps with smart Q&A – all via a voice-in-voice-out interface.



Rapidly create and iterate conversational dialogues without any coding, much like creating a wireframe for a website or a sketch for a mobile app. Develop positive, engaging, and effective voice experiences in a highly efficient way. Leverage the ability to play and hear the simulated bot experience, add comments and notes for development and modeling.


Create rich, conversational dialogues using Orbita Flow’s no-code interface with drag-and-drop and visual editing. Accelerate creation of omni-channel voice and chatbot-powered healthcare applications.


Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

Orbita Is The First Enterprise-Grade Platform For Building And Maintaining Secure Voice Assistants, Chat Bots, And Other Conversational Interfaces For Healthcare Applications

Orbita provides tools that allow organizations to Design, Develop, Manage, and Optimize Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications:

Deploy the conversational application across all Voice and Chat channels with Orbita’s omni-channel publishing modules: Alexa, Google, IVR, Text, Mobile & Web SDKs, Social.

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  • Comparable to Website Design Comps, Orbita provides a Dialogue Prototyping Engine to design & review conversational flows.
  • Design conversational dialogs quickly
  • Design any type of conversation: voice, voice with display or chat
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  • Integrate with multiple AI agents (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, chat bots, ...)
  • Design flows and integrate with existing systems with an intuitive, graphical designer with drag-and-drop interface
  • Easily build new application flows using pre-built templates and examples
  • Accelerate the development of conversational models and integrations with existing & 3rd party services through Orbita’s low code developer interface.
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Manage Voice Projects, Content, and Application Templates


  • Manage multiple voice projects at once
  • Manage content versions and integrate clinically verified 3rd party content
  • Built upon a rich set of pre-built templates and controls
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  • Track user engagement using built-in analytics
  • Identify common requests, questions, and commands
  • Visualize usage patterns over time
  • Track and Measure User Engagement
  • Understand how your end users engage through Orbita’s Analytics and Reports to update and enhance the application. Leverage machine learning and self optimization tools to improve the applications relevance and accuracy
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Integrate Voice Applications with Existing Systems and Processes


  • Authenticate users against established back-end systems
  • Integrate with CRMs, EHRs, and other enterprise systems
  • Combine data from other connected devices (wearables, medical devices)

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