Population Health

Orbita’s purpose-built population health solutions gather data from wearables, home health devices, and other connected devices into an integrated collaborative care experience. Built on Orbita’s signature conversational engagement platform, care delivery is provided across multi-modal, omnichannel environments including voice assistants, websites, and mobile phones.

Managed Care Programs

The last-mile of patient engagement, connect with patients in the home through an array of form factors including voice assistants, chatbots, medical devices, voice-enabled consumer devices, and your mobile phone.
Design and manage conversational surveys, assessments, knowledge bases, and taxonomies. Incorporate patient data to proactively target high-risk patients before clinical escalation occurs.


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Medication Adherence

Orbita Reminders enable delightful conversational interactions with patients, empowering patients to adhere to their medication regimens. Patient reported outcomes naturally captured in the conversation are provided with powerful data and analytics for review and management. Surveys and assessments capture insights organically where the patient spends their time.

Health Coaching

Orbita’s powerful platform enables visual displays alongside voice content, creating a powerful asset in patient education and coaching. Voice-enabled coaching content empowers patients to learn and take ownership of their health.

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