ORBITA Experience Designer A powerful, graphical development tool for
building voice and chatbot powered virtual assistants
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Create Engaging, Intelligent Voice and Chatbot Experiences

Designed for Developers, the Orbita Experience Designer is the first “omni-channel” development tool for easily creating and managing intelligent, voice-powered and conversational AI applications

Omni-Channel Visual Designer

  • Write once and deploy to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice and conversational services
  • Speed development with an intuitive, graphical designer
  • Manage multiple voice applications in one place
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Low-Code Experience

  • Create conversational experiences powered by deterministic business rules and machine learning models
  • Leverage pre-built and extensible conversational templates with modifiable logic
  • Use conditional logic controls to create rules based on data and user context (e.g. preferences, profiles, persona, etc)

Enterprise-Grade Integration

  • Integrate with existing enterprise systems including EHRs, CRMs, data services, etc.
  • Leverage OAuth provider model to authenticate against back-end auth systems
  • Connect to IoT and digital healthcare devices to aggregate data and augment conversational experiences
  • Integrate with 3rd party web services offering cognitive AI, sentiment analysis, predictive analytics, etc.

100s of Building Blocks

  • Over one hundred out-of-the-box building blocks for creating powerful, customizable conversational experience
  • Integrate with existing services through HTTP, AJAX, JSON, REST, Websocket, and MQTT
  • Deliver messages through SMS, emails, and push notifications
  • Extend all out-of-the-box capabilities to customize every aspect of your conversational experience

Tap into the Power of Voice Assistant Technology

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