Virtual Bedside Assistant

A virtual assistant at the bedside that empowers hands-free, patient-provider communication. AI-powered request prioritization and smart-routing ensure that the right resources meet the needs of patients and nurses. This market-proven solution was created and vetted in close partnership with nurses.


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Key Benefits

  • Supports nurse resources and positive patient outcomes: OrbitaASSIST immediately engages patients, confirming that their request has been heard. This provides rich information to nurses about the nature of the request, equipping them to prioritize care for improved patient outcomes.
  • Enables nurses to spend more time with their patients: Nurses have been found to spend 100 extra minutes a day and walk four to five miles completing tasks and extra trips. OrbitaASSIST supports nurses by empowering them to spend more time with patients by eliminating unnecessary activities.
  • Improves the patient experience: OrbitaASSIST engages patients by allowing them to access the support and information they need 24/7 using conversational AI technology. OrbitaASSIST also connects patients with entertainment services and can enable smart controls of the patient room.


  • Triage app for smartphones to help nurses manage their tasks from anywhere
  • Integrated alerts and escalation
  • Flexible patient and nurse request handling
  • ServiceNow integration

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