What is Orbita Answers

Orbita Answers is an enterprise Question and Answer Knowledge Base Engine that enables organizations to create and manage complex question and answer interactions accessible through conversational interfaces

A study published by VoiceBot.ai lists question answering as the most common use case for smart speakers, but developing content for conversational question answering requires thinking about digital content in a very different way. Orbita Answers™ is a knowledge management framework for building conversational voice and chatbot applications that emphasize question answering.

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Intelligent Question Answering


  • Offer a natural language, omni-channel question answering experience
  • Incorporate answers to frequently asked questions
  • Leverage existing ontologies to power Health & Wellness question answering

Automation & Curation


  • Power question answering applications using your existing structured content
  • Create knowledge bases from structured content repositories (FAQs, documents, etc)
  • Ensure answer accuracy using editor-friendly curation tools

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