Orbita Answers

Orbita Answers is an enterprise Question and Answer Knowledge Base Engine that enables organizations to create and manage complex question and answer interactions accessible through conversational interfaces.

A study published by VoiceBot.ai lists question-answering as the most common use case for smart speakers, but developing content for conversational question answering requires thinking about digital content in a very different way. Orbita Answers™ is a knowledge management framework for building conversational voice and chatbot applications that emphasize question answering.

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See how your organization can design, build, manage and optimize AI-driven voice and chat healthcare applications.

Intelligent Question Answering

  • Offer a natural language question answering experience powered by fact-based knowledge graphs
  • Provide conversational experience offering answers to FAQs, questions regarding health and wellness, and any other topic-based questions
  • Leverage existing content and ontologies to power your question answering experience

Automation & Curation

  • Power question answering applications using your existing structured content
  • Create knowledge bases from structured content repositories (FAQs, documents, etc)
  • Ensure answer accuracy using editor-friendly curation tools

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