Orbita’s virtual assistant empowers patients and providers at the bed side, and guides them through their experience with facility information and navigation. Patients stay connected to their care teams with low-friction conversational engagement.  Streamlined care team communication optimizes clinician time, so providers can operate at the top of their license and get back to caring for patients.

Virtual Bedside Assistant

Orbita’s virtual bedside assistant works to improve the patient experience by connecting your patients to services and their care team in a meaningful way. Patient Request Management tools, Response Coordination Dashboards and Workflow Engines provide real-time insights and management, empowering clinicians to offload administrative responsibilities, better manage their patient population and get back to providing topnotch clinical care.


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Patient Education

Supplement patient education at-the-bedside with a virtual assistant that can provide surveys and assessments, show videos and annotated images, and provide continuity for in-home training, reminders, and assessments post-discharge. Escalations and alerts notify care teams after discharge to support patient recovery at home.

Facility Information Assistant

Take digital transformation to the next level by meeting consumers where they are with conversationally-enabling marketing outreach. Orbita voice-enables your mobile app and provides chat bots for patients navigating your website to help answer FAQs about your facility and services, and empowers your customers to engage with your organization

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