Orbita helps pharmaceuticals, CROs, and medical device companies reduce risks and improve bottom-line business performance through the power of voice-first applications.

Clinical Trial Optimization

Orbita powers voice solutions that increase patient enrollment, optimize participation and adherence, and improve data capture.


  • Improve patient engagement and motivation with intuitive, conversational voice and chat interfaces.
  • Support patients with disabilities through alternative digital interfaces (voice, touch, device)
  • Integrate with existing study coordination systems and dashboards.

Sales Enablement

Empower field sales force with voice access to critical product and customer data.


  • Hands-free access through in-car voice assistant (using Amazon Alexa)
  • Easily integrate with and incorporate data from existing CRMs.
  • Equip sales with voice-activated demonstrations.

Digital Marketing

Orbita Voice enables drug and medical device marketers to tap services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as a digital marketing channel.


  • Easily migrate existing digital content to voice-first experiences.
  • Develop once, and deploy to Alexa, Google, and other voice platforms.
  • Simplify content management for voice-first applications.

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