“Engaged patients increase their knowledge about their disease, which increases their confidence in their ability to manage it.” Pharmacy Times

Patient engagement is the key to ensuring treatment adherence and improving outcomes for individuals struggling with chronic or post-acute healthcare needs.

Orbita Engage is an application framework for building voice-first, patient engagement solutions that deliver on the Triple Aim of healthcare

  • Improve Patient Experience through smart, connected applications that engage patients in their own care with the tools, resources and support they need, when they need it
  • Improve Population Health through intuitive mobile, web, and voice applications to manage care plans, set tasks and goals, record activity and vitals, and manage care journeys for populations across the continuum of care
  • Reduce Costs of Care through simple dashboards and tools with intelligent remote monitoring and care team communication and coordination that enable early intervention and risk avoidance

Orbita Engage For Patients

  • Wellness Goals - Easily track and assess progress towards wellness goals and adherence to treatment plans
  • Care Team Support and Communication - Connect with and message Care Team for support and encouragement
  • Education - Access educational content relevant to needs delivered when it is most needed
  • Data Collection - Use smart device integration to easily record vitals, complete surveys, and input wellness information
  • Intuitive User Experience - Mobile, web and voice assistant technology that adapts to a patients unique conditions and needs

Orbita Engage for Family, Friends, and Caregivers

  • Care Coordination - Easily manage and coordinate care tasks and activities
  • Care Communication - Communicate with Care Team members with mobile messaging and digital collaboration tools
  • Wellness Goals - Track patient’s progress against wellness goals, intervene with information and actions delivered when most needed
  • Education - Receive content and information relevant to providing best possible care as efficiently as possible

Orbita Engage for Clinicians and Care Coordinators


  • Care Journey Management - Create and manage Care Journeys with wellness goals and care tasks
  • Remote Patient Monitoring - Monitor progress against care plans for individual patients and populations of patients
  • Content Create, curate, and coordinate delivery of personalized patient and advocate educational content
  • Care Team Management - Message Care Team with relevant content
  • Actionable Insights - Receive and respond to notifications of important events, trends, or data anomalies
  • Telehealth - Communicate with Care Team and patients through digital communication tools
  • Assessments - Easily create, manage, and deploy digital surveys for smartphone, tablet, and voice applications

Optimize Healthcare with Powerful Voice Assistants

Orbita Engage is built on Orbita Voice, a powerful development and management platform for creating intelligent voice assistant that enhance care across a variety of healthcare scenarios.

Chronic Disease Management

Patients struggling with a chronic illness like diabetes benefit from a voice-based assistant that provides information and feedback on self-care, reminders about lab tests and appointments, and better coordination of care and support from caregivers.

Substance Abuse

Regular engagement with a voice agent as a check-in for individuals with alcohol or drug dependencies is an effective way to deliver supportive content while predicting and preventing relapse.

Data Collection and Surveys

More general collection of data such as quality of life indicators, functional assessments points, pain levels, and other health indicators can be streamlined through voice assistant technologies.

Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is a huge challenge in healthcare, particularly for individuals with complex medication regimes. Voice-based solutions that remind the patient of dosage and timing, provide reminders for scheduled blood tests, and deliver contextually relevant content improve adherence and reduce risks of misuse.

Mental Health

Voice-powered applications for patients with mental health issues such as depression can provide self-help support and a means to assess cognitive function over time.

Post-discharge Monitoring

Voice applications for patients recently transitioned from clinical care to home can help track patients progress against an established post-discharge care pathway and identify when patients might be experiencing new or worsening symptoms, medication issues, or other indicators of risk.