Orbita’s Voice-Based Assistants Transform The Care Of Patients At Home By Providing A Natural, Dignified Way To Engage And Track Wellness.

For Patients

Patients under care at home want to be safe and well, but they do not want to be monitored. Orbita’s voice assistance solutions remove the stigma of remote monitoring while helping to…

  • Simplify recording of health and wellness data such as pain levels, activity, weight, meals, etc…
  • Improve communication with care givers and providers.
  • Simplify access to personalized, relevant health and wellness information and resources.

For Healthcare Organizations

Visibility into chronic and post-acute patient wellness between clinical visits requires a view into the activities and adherence metrics of patients at home. Orbita’s voice assistant solution for remote patient monitoring complements passive monitoring technologies with voice assistive capabilities that improve patient engagement and…

  • Ensure adherence to treatment plans, accuracy of medication dosage and timing
  • Reduce unnecessary ED and clinic visits
  • Empower clinicians by improving visibility into patient wellness between clinical visits


  • Pre-built voice-first application frameworks for guided health coaching.
  • Pre-built voice-first health and wellness question answering service.
  • Integration with existing Web and mobile remote monitoring solutions
  • Integration with companion experience for wearables and home health devices.
  • Integrated Email and SMS communication
  • Integration with EMRs
  • Voice “agents” for Amazon Echo, Google Home, chat bots and more
  • HIPAA-compliant application framework


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