Orbita-Powered Virtual Voice Agents And Chat Bots Deliver Patient And Plan Member Support Experiences That Engage Educate And Inform.

For Patients

Orbita voice agents provide a natural, intuitive way to ask questions about services like “What doctors accept my healthcare plan?” or “Where is the nearest clinic?” or “When is my next appointment?”. With Orbita, patients, health plan members and other healthcare consumers can…

  • Streamline appointment scheduling and coordination
  • Ensure accuracy of dosage and timing
  • Easily retrieve personal health and wellness information, coverage and care plan information, and more.

For Healthcare Organizations

Payers, providers and other healthcare organizations that staff customer services centers are constantly challenged by the unnecessary costs and avoidable emergencies that result from poorly engaged and informed patients. Orbita’s voice and chat bot solutions for Patient Services help these organizations…

  • Avoid missed appointments, schedule conflicts, and care coordination obstacles
  • Decrease customer support staff workload
  • Reduce data privacy and security risks
  • Reduce clinical risk and unnecessary ED and clinic visits.


  • Pre-built voice-first application frameworks for customer services
  • Integration with 3rd party calendars (Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Custom.)
  • Integration with transportation, scheduling, prescription services
  • Integration with EMRs
  • Voice “agents” for Amazon Echo, Google Home, chat bots and more
  • HIPAA-compliant application framework


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