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Experience Management Console™

  • Feature-rich web-based dashboard for content, asset, and experience management
  • Ready-made application templates for surveys, calendaring, messaging, and other content-rich voice experiences
  • Support multiple content managers with integrated versioning, concurrent editing, and application staging

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Empower Non-Technical Users to Create Conversational Experiences

The Orbita Experience Manager is a complete solution for business and clinical professionals to create and manage content for conversational applications

Voice-First Content Authoring

  • Publish multi-modal experiences using the industry's only omnichannel WYSIWYG content editing tool
  • Advanced dialog editor with Speech Synthesis (SSML) editing and built-in voice simulator
  • Tailor your brand experiences with custom sounds, videos and images

Orbita Insights

  • Track the metrics that matter and gain insight to the success of your project
  • Identify common requests, questions, and commands using custom-defined or built-in reports
  • Optimize the conversational experience using data-driven insights

Orbita Calendar

  • Create and manage calendars for events, appointments, and more
  • Schedule and push alerts, notifications, and time-based messaging
  • Personalize experiences with calendar event information, doctor visit details, etc.

Orbita Taxonomy

  • Create and organize conversational content using a content hierarchy
  • Leverage business-friendly WYSIWYG editing tools
  • Save time with auto-suggested related terms

Orbita Intents, Slots, Utterances

  • Manage all aspects of a conversational interaction model
  • Create once and publish to various conversational channels (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and others)
  • Import content from existing Alexa skills into Orbita and reuse it across channels

Orbita Dialog Prototype

  • Collaborate and create conversational dialog prototypes using a no-code experience
  • Incorporate video, voice, rich media and text into a conversational prototype
  • Text assumptions, identify areas of friction, and make adjustments

Orbita Surveys And Assessments

  • Create surveys, polls, and questionnaires using “drag & drop” interface
  • Leverage sophisticated features including branching, conditional questions, and more
  • Collect and analyze user input; capture and store results or export to existing systems or databases

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