Experience Management Console™

  • Feature-rich Web-based dashboard for content, asset, and experience management
  • Ready-made application templates for surveys, calendaring, messaging, and other content-rich voice experiences
  • Support multiple content managers with integrated versioning, concurrent editing, and application staging

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Empower Non-Technical Users to Create Conversational Experiences

The Orbita Experience Manager is a complete solution for business and clinical professionals to create and manage content for conversational applications

Voice-First Content Authoring

  • Orbita offers the only omnichannel WYSIWYG content editing tool for multi-modal publishing
  • Empower non-technical professionals to author and publish voice-first content
  • Advanced dialog editor and FAQ engine with built-in voice simulator (WY “hear” IWYG)
  • Upload and manage audio, videos and images
  • Support for custom audio
  • Speech synthesis editing with SSML markup

Orbita Insights

  • Track user engagement using built-in voice-application analytics
  • Identify common requests, questions, and commands
  • Visualize usage patterns over time
  • Generate standard and custom reports

Orbita FAQ

  • Business-user interface for authoring an answer based upon different ways a user may ask a question
  • Create answers to questions without doing any coding

Orbita Calendar

  • Manage content with an added layer of time as context (i.e.; what day is my doctor appointment?)
  • Use calendaring function to schedule and push conversational content
  • Enable voice scheduling and delivery of information about personal schedules, activities
  • Create and manage organizational calendars
  • Align deadline-specific alerts, flash briefings

Orbita Taxonomy

  • User-friendly authoring and structure
  • Organize and push content according to hierarchical information trees
  • Use context-aware query classification
  • Save time with auto-suggested related items

Orbita Intents, Slots, Utterances

  • Manage conversational model
  • Create once and publish to various applications, environments
  • Import content from existing Alexa skills into Orbita; reuse across channels (ie; Amazon Alexa to Google Assistant)

Orbita Dialog Prototype

  • Comparable to Website Design Comps, Orbita Voice provides a Dialogue Prototyping Engine to design & review conversational flows.
  • Design conversational dialogs quickly
  • Design any type of conversation: voice, voice with display or chat
  • Collaborate with colleagues on iterative design

Orbita Surveys And Assessments

  • Create surveys, polls, and questionnaires using “drag & drop” interface
  • Leverage advanced branching, conditional questions and more
  • Validate against pre-defined types; test survey flow and logic
  • Collect and analyze user input; capture and store results or export to existing systems or databases
  • Deliver surveys across multiple modes (voice device, chatbot, mobile, web, analog phone)

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