Orbita Taxonomy

An Orbita taxonomy is a hierarchical tree of information that aligns topics from general to more and more specific.  It is used to help manage content relationships.  For example, the hierarchy of a first-aid taxonomy includes medical topics that require first-aid attention, such as broken bone, burns, fever, and so on.  Each medical topic can have a list of sub-items, such as symptoms, treatment, and so on.

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Taxonomy Tree

  • Easily manage relationships between topics using tree folder structure
  • Topic context when searching for response. for example: When a user asks about CPR, after hearing that definition, they will be prompted with “People who ask about CPR also want to know about symptoms and treatment” you don’t have to say treatment for CPR – just say “treatment” , it understands the context
  • Topic-specific analytics (found or not found)
  • Deploy to Amazon Echo, Google Home, web and mobile chat, and other devices

Voice-First Content Authoring


  • Orbita offers the only omnichannel WYSIWYG content editing tool for multi-modal publishing
  • Empower non-technical professionals to author and publish voice-first content 
  • Advanced dialog editor and FAQ engine with built-in voice simulator (WY “hear” IWYG)
  • Upload and manage audio, videos and images
  • Support for custom audio 
  • Speech synthesis editing with SSML markup

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