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Customer Services

Conversational virtual assistants for healthcare consumer engagement and education that delivers relevant, contextualized healthcare content using voice and chatbot functionality. Consumer services include digital marketing, content services, and patient/member services. Orbita’s omnichannel, conversational AI experiences offer a natural, more engaging and accessible way to interact with consumers.

Call Center Operations

A voice and chatbot-powered virtual assistant empowers healthcare organization call centers to facilitate omnichannel self-service. Contextualized information is provided to individuals, enabling them to book appointments, check schedules, and access health information. Orbita’s call center operations solution simultaneously improves the customer experience and patient satisfaction by reducing the time spent waiting on hold, while increasing operator efficiency.

In-Facility Operations

Orbita’s in-facility operations solutions leverage voice and conversational AI to automate common inpatient clinical and support tasks, including a virtual bedside assistant that provides concierge services, safety rounds, pain management, and facility wayfinding. Orbita’s secure, voice-powered virtual assistants provide a more natural and intuitive way for healthcare providers and systems to reduce operational costs and risks, while improving patient care and satisfaction

Remote Patient Monitoring

Orbita’s remote patient monitoring solution leverages conversational AI with a virtual assistant technology to improve engagement and communication between in-facility episodes of care. Orbita supports individuals with chronic, acute, and age-related health issues in the comfort of their own home. By simultaneously improving patient engagement and data collection, Orbita empowers clinicians to work at the top of their license to better care for their patients.

Clinical Trials

Virtual assistant clinical trials enable participants to complete daily assessment surveys, medication adherence, report vitals measurements, ask questions, receive training and report health concerns via voice recognition technology in the comfort of the patient’s home. Administrators analyze real-time engagement and adherence, streamlining administrative costs while improving patient retention and experience.

Sales Enablement

Improve Sales Efficiency through Hands & Eyes free interfaces:

  • Voice based dashboards to query sales data and provide insights to drive recommendations on which clients to visit
  • Voice based CRM for Pre Call briefings, Scheduling Updates, and Logging a Meeting
  • Equip Sales through Voice based training and product knowledgebases
  • Easy access to product questions and inquiries
  • Integrations with Salesforce and other CRMs, Marketing Automation, Tableau, Asana task management

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