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“Voice UX represents the biggest challenge since the birth of the smartphone”, states Jason Amunwa in a recent blog post. Because voice UX development is so new, few tools are readily available to designers efficiently create conversational dialogues, let alone test, measure and iterate on them. Precious time is wasted with frequent review-revise cycles.


Orbita Prototype is a first-of-its-kind tool designed to address this challenge. It enables rapid prototyping of conversational dialogues without requiring coding — much like creating a wireframe for a web site or a sketch for a mobile app. All stakeholders involved in the crafting voice experiences benefit from Orbita Prototype. Whether a projects’ goal is to increase satisfaction, improve productivity, and/or decrease costs, this powerful engine improves an organization’s ability to create positive, engaging, and effective voice experiences in a highly effective and efficient way.

Design any conversation

  • Create & iterate to design the conversation dialogues
  • Share with the team for review & feedback
  • Add comments & notes for development and modeling
  • Design for multi model, voice, voice with display and chatbot
  • Voice Simulator
  • Play and hear the simulated Bot experience

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Easy Authoring

  • WYSIWYG editing for voice, voice with display, and chatbot
  • Insert Images & Multi Media
  • Voice Simulator
  • Insert Buttons
  • Export content to any Agent

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