Frequently Asked Questions

OrbitaENGAGE: digital front door for healthcare organizations

How can conversational technology reduce call center costs?

Conversational technology can reduce call center costs but utilizing virtual assistants in the form of chatbots to share relevant information to individuals in lieu of a phone call. This saves time for individuals calling the call center and money for organizations running call centers.

How is a digital front door different than a patient portal?

The patient portal allows patients to access their medical records on-demand and directly communicate with their care teams. Digital front door strategies are similar to patient portals, but go far beyond accessing the patient record and address many aspects of the patient journey. This includes optimizing content for SEO, simplifying navigation and addressing the diverse scheduling needs of health systems and their patient populations.

What are best practices for a digital front door in healthcare?

A successful digital front door strategy helps provider organizations simplify many aspects of the complicated patient journey. Large health systems use these conversion-oriented virtual assistants to optimize content for SEO, simplify navigation and address the diverse scheduling needs of a sub-specialty organization.

How can a digital front door improve patient access?

A digital front door or digital front door strategy in healthcare is a strategy for engaging the patient at every touchpoint of their patient journey. Solutions like OrbitaENGAGE increase access by helping consumers find and navigate care via technology they already use like conversational voice and chatbot solutions. Digital front door solutions can help provider organizations better optimize how they show up in search engines through voice search and voice SEO, help consumers find a doctor or location, schedule appointments, provide health FAQs, perform virtual triage and virtual visits, and deflect calls on behalf of healthcare providers and payers.

How can a digital front door enhance the patient experience?

With a digital front door strategy in place, healthcare organizations can empower patients to easily find them online and quickly navigate healthcare information and services to find the right doctor or location and get scheduled to be seen. As more and more patient research is done online, it is critical for healthcare organizations to prioritize and optimize their digital front door strategy to ensure an enhanced patient experience. This enhanced experience translates to easier navigation and ultimately a higher conversion rate.

What is a digital front door in healthcare?

With a single contact point, a digital front door strategy powered by virtual assistants can empower healthcare organizations to connect with consumers and facilitate meaningful interactions throughout the full patient journey. Without needing to download an app or hope for serendipity, digital front door solutions simplify the patient journey by meeting the consumer wherever they are and navigate to where they need to go via voice, chat, or text.

How can a digital front door generate revenue?

Digital front door solutions like the Orbita platform generate revenue by optimizing an organization’s web presence, attracting new patients and utilizing conversational tools to retain existing patients. The digital front door strategy attracts, engages, and retains patients by providing more efficient access and simpler navigation, increasing the number of customers coming into a practice.