Voice assistants “help us engage with chronic disease patients, capture real-time, objective health data to track their conditions and offer meaningful support for self-managing chronic illness at home.”

Worrell Design, Engaging Patients with the Power of Voice

Orbita Voice powers secure, voice-first and conversational assistants that improve patient engagement and education while reducing operational costs.

Chronic Care Management

Orbita Voice powers solutions for smartphone and/or smart speakers that  simplifying access to information that educates patients and informs clinicians.


  • Pre-built templates for voice-first question answering and assessments survey
  • Intuitive tools for managing voice-first content
  • Omni-channel publishing to smart speakers, mobile apps, chat bots, and other digital end-points
  • Flexible integration with established back-end systems (EHRs, content management systems, survey dashboards, etc…).

Patient Discharge Optimization

A virtual voice assistant, delivered over a smart speaker set up in the discharge room, engages patients to ask questions about their post-discharge care at their own pace and without the presence of a busy discharge nurse.


  • Quick answers to questions like “When can I take a shower?” or “What do I do if I’m in pain?”
  • Reduce probability of unnecessary complications and re-admittance.
  • Free up busy discharge nurses.

Patient Information Services

Orbita enables voice interfaces for informational kiosks, “wayfinder” apps, and other tools to provide a hands-free (and sterile) way for patients to access facility information.


  • Integrate with hospital services - menus, directions, events,...
  • Develop once, and deploy to mobile apps, digital kiosks, smart speakers, and more.
  • Integrate with other interface modalities - touch screen, track balls, keyboard input.