Orbita helps businesses in the pharmacy and bio-tech industry reduce risks and improve bottom-line business performance through connected home healthcare applications that increase patient adherence to prescribed medications and treatments.

Increase Treatment Adherence


  • Improve patient engagement and motivation with rich social collaboration features
  • Support patients with disabilities through alternative, intuitive digital interfaces (voice, touch, device)
  • Empower caregivers to give support and encouragement through powerful communication tools

Optimize Population Health Management


  • Create a 360 degree view of patient wellness by combining data from multiple sources (medical devices, EMR, home care apps, …)
  • Easily collect, aggregate, and analyze home wellness data across patient groups and clinical trial participants
  • Eliminate clinician “alert fatigue” with intuitive dashboards and intelligent monitoring that target moments of greatest need and risk

Improve Education


  • Easily manage and curate educational content about prescriptions, therapy, and care protocols
  • Automate delivery of relevant educational content at the right time – when it is most needed
  • Deliver rich video and image content seamlessly across multiple digital platforms (mobile, tablet, web)

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