Orbita helps device manufacturers connect their devices to the strategic home care initiatives of healthcare providers and payers for post-acute and chronic care.


Accelerate Time to Market


  • Easily integrate curated content, therapy settings and care management protocols
  • Quickly integrate and combine device data with healthcare system data
  • Leverage comprehensive APIs, developer tools, and pre-built templates to quickly create clinical dashboards and mobile application experiences

Add Valuable New Capabilities


  • Integrate rich social collaboration and care coordination features to increase patient engagement and treatment adherence
  • Include surveys and other inputs to capture other patient data and QLI data to inform reimbursement
  • Enable intelligent data-driven notifications that reduce “alert fatigue”
  • Deliver clinician-friendly dashboards for population management

Minimize risk


  • Deliver unique user experiences based on your application and devices’ custom data definitions, interfaces, and user roles
  • Capitalize on modern cloud-based architecture for ultimate performance and scalability
  • Ensure PHI protection with end-to-end security and a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure
Create Valuable New Applications

Easily build amazing new consumer applications for mobile, Web, and next-generation voice platforms.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Quickly create apps using a comprehensive suite of back-end and front-end services purpose-built for smart, home healthcare solutions.

Enable Open Data Exchanges

Extend the reach of your connected experience by enabling your customers to share health data with authorized third-party apps and services.


Build your connected device experience with Orbita.

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