Voice activated shopping is the future of retail. Whether you aspire to sell through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, Orbita can help you deliver voice-first solutions that …

Improve Customer Experience and Loyalty


  • Enable New Shopping Experiences with voice-activated kiosks that improve customer engagement
  • Deliver Friendly natural language voice applications that cater to the needs of a variety of customers
  • Easily Create conversational, contextually aware voice-based experiences that improve customer loyalty

Maximize Revenue


  • Improve -In-Store Conversions with voice assistants that reach customers at the Moments of Decision
  • Reduce Barriers to Purchasing with natural language interactions that cater to each customers need's and interests
  • Easily Integrate Voice with existing marketing and sales systems and solutions

Drive Productivity and Reduce Costs


  • Improve In-Store Staff Productivity with voice-activated inventory tracking
  • Reduce In-Store Staffing Costs with automated, voice-enabled shopping assistants
  • Easily Integrate Voice into existing digital retail solutions for web and mobile