Consumer Services

Orbita’s consumer and member services solutions delight consumers by providing voice and chat powered conversational experiences to content services, digital marketing, and patient-member services. By meeting consumers where they are, Orbita elevates brand awareness and customer satisfaction in unprecedented ways

Content Services

Create consumer-facing voice skills and chatbots to provide the right content at the right time in delightful ways. Orbita powers information to inform and educate patients on health conditions, care plans, and patient education through Health and Wellness-specific Knowledge Base, FAQs, and Scheduling capabilities. Smart ingestion tools enable Orbita’s customers to quickly voice-enable content for rapid omnichannel deployment


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Digital Marketing

Take digital transformation to the next level by meeting consumers where they are with conversationally-enabling marketing outreach.  Orbita voice-enables your mobile app and provides chatbots for patients navigating your website to help answer FAQs about your facility and services, and empowers your customers to engage with your organization

Patient/Member Services

Chatbots and voice skills provide front-line services to patients pursuing enrollment, determining coverage, finding a provider, and scheduling appointments with Orbita’s powerful Knowledge Base, FAQ module, Surveys and Assessments.

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