Call Center Operations

Orbita’s omnichannel conversational interfaces provide your business with the flexibility and power to engage with patients in efficient and exceptional ways. Orbita’s call center operations solutions enable you to optimize patient and clinician time so you can focus on what matters most: top-notch care.

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Customer Services

Lower call volume and costs while improving customer satisfaction by powering front-line patient services with chatbots and voice-enabled navigation. Intelligent call escalation and deflection allows your PSRs to engage where they’re needed most. Orbita’s Knowledge Base and FAQs modules help funnel your patients to the right answers at the right time.

Pre- and Post-Visit Support


Engage with patients around their visits to automate follow-up calls, provide reminders, surveys and assessments for pre-appointment preparation, and provide avenues for escalation and deflection to a live member of the care team.  Orbita enhances what you do best so your patients can get your best care.

Directory Search & Scheduling

Facilitate streamlined navigation for patients to find the right department with the right answers.  Orbita’s intelligent ingestion tools integrate clinical and departmental-specific context to empower patients to get to the right place. Smart scheduling via voice and chat bots empowers

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