Essential Design and Orbita, Inc. Partner to Deliver Voice-First Solutions for Healthcare Providers, Pharma, Device Manufacturers and Beyond

Boston, MA, USA – April 23, 2018 ­– Essential Design, an innovation strategy and design consultancy, today announced a partnership with Orbita, Inc., a leading provider of next-generation voice and conversational AI solutions for health care. Essential Design will leverage Orbita’s “voice first” platform to integrate conversational experiences into the products and service solutions it creates for clients in health and wellness.

“With voice rapidly emerging as a ‘must-have’ offering, many organizations want to leverage the benefits of natural language interfaces by integrating them into their physical, digital and service experiences,” said Scott Stropkay, partner at Essential. “Especially in healthcare, we see voice and AI playing a substantial role in improving patient engagement and outcomes. Orbita provides a great platform for executing on the exciting possibilities of voice.”

According to Scott, Essential Design has helped many clients realize significant value by improving the capture and intelligent use of drug, device, and disease data. “Today’s new IOT, voice and AI technologies provide designers with even more exciting opportunities to conceive and create compelling digital, physical, and service experiences. We are pleased to use proven technology from Orbita; we see Orbita as the ‘go-to’ voice-first platform for healthcare.”

According to Orbita CEO Bill Rogers, 2018 will be the year of voice in healthcare with the earliest adopters moving from pilots to sustainable, real-world use cases. “We’re pleased to partner with Essential Design, especially at a time of significant traction among healthcare systems, care management service providers, payers, pharma and biotech companies and device manufacturers. We help tap the power of technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and chatbots to improve patient experience, improve population health, reduce cost, and increase clinical staff satisfaction.”


About Essential Design

Essential Design is an innovation strategy and design consultancy comprised of research, design, and engineering professionals who create physical, digital, and service experiences.  With a focus on delivering more meaningful customer experiences, the company has helped clients launch many successful connected products & services in a wide range of healthcare, commercial and consumer markets.


About Orbita

Orbita provides digital solutions that leverage next-generation voice assistant, chatbot and AI technologies to vastly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of remote patient monitoring, clinical education, care coordination, and research. Developers use Orbita’s platform to design, build, and manage digital and conversational healthcare solutions across multi-modal, omni-channel environments including voice assistants, web sites, and mobile phones.  With Orbita, developers can enable anyone, regardless of technical skill, to easily create and maintain highly engaging, intelligent conversational experiences that help improve outcomes, reduce costs, and minimize risks for patients with chronic or post-acute healthcare needs.


Contact: Beth Strohbusch, Orbita PR Director,, 414-213-8818 

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